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i was lookin through an old book of mine and found this. its a SdKfz 135/1 Lorraine Schlepper

12th March 2005 09:03

I feel armored command vehicles could be a nice addition to the game for the african campaign, seein...

29th May 2007 21:05

the lanchester started production in 1940, so it would be as old as any mp40.

6th January 2007 17:01

im gonna say the artty is backwards. lol

7th January 2007 21:01

what he failed to mention is that the bar was used almost exclusivly with .30-06 M2 (AP), which coul...

10th January 2007 22:01

its italian fo sho... lol thats all i can come up with

11th January 2007 07:01

FuzzyBunny;3482405 I just wish I could get my girlfriend to go shooting with me... Hahaha i met m...

14th January 2007 23:01

I noticed a lack of thin skinned vehicles, and trucks and the like. or i skipped over them... lol wh...

29th May 2007 21:05

I think it would be interesting if you could choose from maybe 3 or 4 ammunition types for artillery...

7th June 2007 22:06

a Sauer 38(H) lol i got that issue of guns and ammo too amigo ;) lol

4th January 2007 08:01

flares i think would have to be available only on night maps. WP i think would be pretty cool mysel...

8th June 2007 06:06

It strikes me as a Murata type 18 a.k.a M1885 used in the sino-japanese war and the ruso-japanese wa...

8th June 2007 07:06

lol YAY my turn!!! lol any or all will do

8th June 2007 08:06

almost but not. lol

8th June 2007 08:06

kading your turn man

8th June 2007 23:06

wow someone who actually makes sense. BURN THEM ,THEIR A WITCH ,BUURRRN THEM. lol

9th June 2007 00:06

here i belive this will be a bit more difficult. vehilce designation and country(s) of usage too

5th January 2007 02:01

knoffhoff;3462950MAS 36 CR39 I'd say. correct. lol rather fast tho >.< lol what ev, your tur...

4th January 2007 08:01

some kind of oil pipeline. possibly oil

12th June 2007 09:06

it is made by carcano. ...

29th December 2006 01:12

i belive the first one is the Argentina M1909 rifle chambered in the 7.65x53mm cartridge. still used...

24th December 2006 06:12

FuzzyBunny;3443583As for the first one, I'll tell the Brazilians what you called them. lol, pardon m...

24th December 2006 13:12

Wasserfaller;3443858I know they were used at least a little because my grandfather has a springfield...

24th December 2006 13:12

ok, now guess this here rifle i wish you luck and a merry christmas

25th December 2006 04:12

RN_Max;3449341Uh-oh :uhoh: Russian M*** request alert! This tank is very rodent-like in nature ......

28th December 2006 01:12