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hello i am starting a new server for call of duty united offensive if anyone would like to join me i...

12th October 2004 08:10

nice one of spidey

23rd January 2009 04:01

here is a rain animation sig that i threw together following a tut.

25th January 2009 11:01

Spoiler: Show This is just one of the dual moniters the other just has the wallpaper on it

24th January 2009 20:01

i would say so my friend lol

24th January 2009 19:01

thanx zapex

24th January 2009 15:01

i don't think i won this one lol great entries all

24th January 2009 12:01

plz replace my previous entry with this. Spoiler: Show http://i666.photobucket.com/albums/vv23/r...

23rd January 2009 14:01

wasn't sure if i should submit this one or not lol. i don't think that it goes under abstract. ps th...

23rd January 2009 12:01


23rd January 2009 07:01

here is mine for the contest.

23rd January 2009 07:01

i'm up for it

23rd January 2009 06:01

yeah for some reason they come out small for photobucket i think it resize it to make it more managa...

23rd January 2009 05:01

Sovereign001;4779923Raiden!! I also have one of SubZero and Scorpion that i made up for my friend....

25th January 2009 11:01

here you go as per requested my friend, enjoy. p.s: take a look at my showcase i updated it with...

22nd January 2009 13:01

here is another wall paper that i made specifically for one of my clanmates. this one is 1400 x 900....

22nd January 2009 13:01

ok so basically never use that border again lol i made a subzero wallpaper that i would like you guy...

22nd January 2009 12:01

the border was one of the fill patterens offered with gimp. Do you happen to know of some good text...

22nd January 2009 08:01

messing around with a stock on this one.

22nd January 2009 06:01

yeah it is kinda small i will try another one out that is a bit longer so i can put more detail into...

22nd January 2009 06:01

quick little animation sig that i whipped up while following a tutorial.

22nd January 2009 05:01

here it is

22nd January 2009 04:01

i'll do 120 x 120

22nd January 2009 03:01

here is my attempt at it although it is kind of small to get any real detail.

22nd January 2009 03:01

here is the updated sig for your friend. again let me know if it isn't quite right yet.

22nd January 2009 03:01