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See...he's forgotten about it again ,and forgot to pull the trigger.

22nd July 2006 21:07

Oh God....I thought you would forget about it.obviosuly not. last words- oh bugger. oh and spare...

22nd July 2006 20:07

do it!

22nd July 2006 20:07

How nice of them to put a working computer/laptop into the coffin.You can type pretty well for a dea...

22nd July 2006 20:07

wow wow...calm down. There is enough wub to go around for everyone.

22nd July 2006 20:07

I wub you

22nd July 2006 19:07

We...are...alive? /me rubs head ....interesting

22nd July 2006 19:07

well there ya go....

22nd July 2006 18:07

Rotate ones body accordingly and gaze out of the nearest window with interest?

23rd September 2011 18:09