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Am I really that old?

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Hi, Before anyone says I should have looked in the Forums first, I did a search and twenty odd pag...

7th June 2005 18:06

:beer: :beer: :beer: Too drunk to make my own avatar/signature? :bawl: Fraid so. Can anyone give...

2nd December 2004 23:12

8/10 - having played three quarters of the way through it.

26th March 2005 16:03

Thanks M8. Damn that console...

21st December 2004 23:12

Praet0rianIt quite simple to quote sombody... just click the box that says "quote" on it. Whoda thun...

22nd December 2004 01:12

GTA Vice City on PS2 & Unreal 2 The Awakening (believe it or not) on PC - the latter seems like...

22nd December 2004 03:12

:naughty: Nailed those hoods at last. But I',m still stuck :mad: in a similar fashion on GTA 3 -...

23rd December 2004 21:12

:uhm: :bawl: :confused: Suffering major sig and avatar meltdown as you can see - any suggestions?

23rd December 2004 21:12

Should read before I post - sorry guys. Could it be because of the forum maintenance? Time will tell...

23rd December 2004 21:12

Bonnie Scotland - but living in London.

25th February 2005 10:02

Agreed - Base Assault makes UO much better. But SP CoD is still far superior to SP UO. :smokin:

25th February 2005 11:02

:cool: Anyone played Ico? No-one seems to post about it but it's a unique, enchanting game and a wor...

26th February 2005 08:02

GTA - all three - then MoH Frontline. :naughty: :tommygun: :aug: :tank: :spartan:

26th February 2005 08:02

:naughty: Nice one Phoenix. Why didn't I think of that - the wonders of Google. :cya:

26th February 2005 21:02

:uhm: Has anyone played [color=red]BiA[/color] long enough to form an opinion about how it compares...

26th March 2005 16:03

Have any of you tried BiA's MP? :confused:

26th March 2005 19:03

Well almost... Much as I love Vice City :bows: , I hate :mad: one particular mission which has...

21st December 2004 22:12

:mad: Do'ohhhhhh... I've finally managed to get my sig into a Photobucket web album. But it still wo...

26th March 2005 21:03

:mad: Ouch - I was being impatient there it is now. Bye...:cya: This is me looking intelleigent...

26th March 2005 21:03

Of course - but does that mean you still prefer CoD? :naughty:

26th March 2005 21:03

What do people think about the BiA extras?

26th March 2005 21:03

Sorry to waste 5 seconds of your valuable time M8. It's from CoD by the way.

26th March 2005 22:03

Ditto, CoD UO MP all the way. HL 1 is also great - have shied way from the alleged Steam nightmare t...

29th March 2005 04:03

If you were banished to a desert island and allowed to take with you, only 5 games (PC and/or consol...

31st March 2005 08:03

Good points. Let's say there IS internet connection, unlimited electricity and no-one's PC breaks do...

31st March 2005 08:03