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i am crashing too and i have every update

26th January 2004 04:01

SilentKiller213I have no patients. Thats why im buying the joint operations game. that game is horr...

20th June 2004 22:06 just right click the file and cl...

4th July 2004 10:07

ive never seen that problem for any servers but atlantic i herd was laggy cause of all the ships but...

3rd July 2004 20:07

i found this bug u know (here is a pic so u know what i am talking about) those roller things on th...

3rd July 2004 09:07

my friend had the same problem try to update your video drivers

3rd July 2004 09:07

u can make the repair ship slow and weak then

1st July 2004 05:07

i just think it should be left alone

26th June 2004 05:06

the other day i was behind 1 of my planes and he shot down a plane as it took of and when it stopped...

25th June 2004 10:06

wouldnt make any sense at all cause this is a realism mod and in real life u have infantry

21st June 2004 09:06

its hard as hell moving the matildas in crete

21st June 2004 08:06

i like it looks really cool needs to be converted

20th June 2004 22:06

Jay7219I agree ! COOP w/bots stink on ANY game! not on ravenshield coop the ai are so friken smart

20th June 2004 21:06

try downloading it from a different link such as

4th July 2004 11:07

SilenT AssassiNYea get use to it , mabye play on a better server. Good thing fh doesnt attract as ma...

20th June 2004 08:06

i love them but they just dont work with how small the maps are in fh

20th June 2004 06:06

how did u guys forget about both of the new thomsons and that 1 spitfire for and for some reason i c...

20th June 2004 06:06

i just like the idea of having to reload manually

20th June 2004 05:06

it would make sense if there was a b27 on the desert maps like gazala instead of the b17

18th June 2004 06:06

i like all the other pistols but the no.2 but that is because MOST of us dont take the time to use i...

18th June 2004 04:06

has the pershing's skin been made yet

18th June 2004 04:06

LachrymologyI agree, the spitfire is technicaly very unrealistic. You can't shoot anything with that...

18th June 2004 04:06

pretty much the only way u can fly over and aa gun without getting spotted is flying 2000 ft in the...

18th June 2004 04:06

how about if u are a paratrooper class and as soon as u jump out of a plane it opens automatically a...

18th June 2004 03:06

Who_Flung_Poo?Would be cool on a night map seein all the colors flying through the sky. i think rus...

15th June 2004 05:06