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* Lightning flashes out the window while creepy old guy tells a story by the fireplace* This story...

9th September 2005 12:09

I can knock the lamp off the table from 20 feet away with my... er, nevermind.

26th December 2005 11:12

^^ Jeez I wasn't serious. This is the spam forum, you can post anything you want without consequence...

27th December 2005 15:12

^^You deserve to die! He is JC Denton, the coolest video game character in existence. How dare you c...

27th December 2005 15:12

7/10 A man... with a fuzzy helmet... moving his hand in a circle... and laughing..... I'm suddenly...

27th December 2005 15:12

This could be a case of overheating. Perhaps your computer has accumulated too much dust and is clog...

27th December 2005 15:12

I haven't played any of those games. I am quite broke. :bawl:

27th December 2005 13:12

Whats the hottest hot sauce you have ever tasted? For me its Dave's Insanity Sauce. I took a spoon...

26th December 2005 17:12

marvinmatthewI was reading a thread, and this question came to mind. How much faster would 1Gig of...

26th December 2005 17:12

As not to offend the non religious, color blind, and enviromentalists, I call my Christmas tree a Se...

26th December 2005 12:12

I recieved: An asortment of really good tasting Hot Sauces. A fancy coach watch (I personaly disli...

26th December 2005 10:12

/bonk You don't have to rate it. Just hit the refresh button.

27th December 2005 19:12

Download Teamspeak. Either you or your brother host the channel and the other join. Has great sound...

26th December 2005 06:12

Pb2Aubut a 14 year old addicted to porn is a pitiful sight. Yes, it's true, I am pitiful. I should...

25th December 2005 18:12

No internet = no porn. No porn = an insane penguin.

25th December 2005 01:12

Daniel 89 UKNot sure if this is real, but if it is, then its very cool indeed. If it's fake, then it...

25th December 2005 01:12

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Starfox 64 Supersmash Bros. Perfect Dark Mario Kart 64 basically a...

24th December 2005 16:12

10/10 Hawt mario pr0n!

24th December 2005 15:12

I don't even have a Christmas tree up yet. Yes, I am lazy.

24th December 2005 15:12

^Scratch that post, I copied the wrong post of mine. The new post: ^7/10 Its yellow.... and black.....

27th December 2005 16:12

All this talk of hot foods is making me hungry for a large burrito.

28th December 2005 08:12

Dr. Pepper is where its at! Root Beer is my second favorite.

19th December 2005 09:12

^ Is in the center of an Eggi

29th December 2005 11:12

^Would like to tell Penguinous what else he pull out of his hat.

29th December 2005 15:12

^Would like to tell Penguinous what else he pull out of his hat.

29th December 2005 15:12