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^ Has an elf ear fetish

11th December 2005 16:12

Sounded like a whinning rich white boy. Do you relate to this crap somehow?

9th December 2005 11:12

Mike Rotch? Brock Lee? All very respectable names.

9th December 2005 09:12

Ahhh, most memorable games. Super Metroid: it was one of my first games and I played it for hours an...

9th December 2005 08:12

Why don't we all have a BIG cyber orgy?

12th December 2005 05:12

7/10 Its cool but I can't tell what it is.

9th December 2005 05:12

Being nonreligious, Christmas means nothing more to me than time to spend with my family. And food....

8th December 2005 14:12

I can't vote. It would be like picking a favorite of my children (not that I have any ;)).

5th December 2005 10:12

No, it is bad. You should be ashamed of yourself.

3rd December 2005 15:12

I don't know if anyone's said this already because I don't have time to read the entire thread. IR1...

2nd December 2005 11:12

I have an obsession to finish games that I buy. It doesn't matter how painful it is, I have to finis...

2nd December 2005 10:12

Use Internet Explorer to open it. I got a blank page too when I used Firefox.

30th November 2005 11:11

Spoiler: Show This should give you a good idea what English muffins are.

30th November 2005 09:11

Thats just speculation by IGN on what they think it could be. In no way is that official.

12th December 2005 03:12

I gots the lube!

12th December 2005 05:12

10/10 Ohhh great. It the essence of kickass.

18th December 2005 15:12

That. Scared. Me :bawl: I hate you.

17th December 2005 14:12

IhaterednecksSticky, cheese loving...[/QUOTE] Hey, whats wrong with cheese? [quote=-Aqualung-]If...

18th December 2005 14:12

Lord WienerOf the two, deep fried....but that's just nasty, dude Deep fried sausage.

18th December 2005 14:12

Actually this system has been around for a while. Its called ECHELON and its been used since World W...

18th December 2005 02:12

Do you prefer your wieners dipped in chocolate or deep fried?

17th December 2005 15:12

My first console was a Super Nintendo. The first game on it was Super Metroid. Ah, what a game.

17th December 2005 14:12

First off, what exactly are "Gay Publications"? And secondly, why are they complaining about less a...

17th December 2005 14:12

F|odgyMy New swanky computer just arrived at my doorstep... ...and It has no CD/ DVD drive Well t...

17th December 2005 14:12

Crazy spanish speakers. Speak English. Its the language of Kickass!

17th December 2005 14:12