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We, as a community, have to make EA and DICE realize what they will lose if they get rid of such a g...

19th April 2003 14:04

people, get your friends to sign that petition whether or not they play bf1942. just tell them what...

19th April 2003 15:04

I hate having tan camo in battle of the bulge, so protesting I go!

19th April 2003 20:04

I think this could be solved if EA included realistic blood and uniforms in the patch.. =/

20th April 2003 17:04

Then maybe they can add the option of allowing blood or not in the main menu

20th April 2003 17:04

Germany. Nazi Germany fascinates me (event though Im against nazi ideals)

20th April 2003 18:04

Hello clan leaders! I specialize in infantry (by infantry, I mean all aspects of ground fighting. F...

21st April 2003 00:04

Every ****ing time I kill someone I would paint blood on my monitor with a crayon. Then Ill color th...

21st April 2003 01:04

Thanks alot Loki! I joined, I really like your clan. I already sent in the app, so I'll just wait f...

21st April 2003 02:04

Originally posted by Kat Check Stormforce out! I can just go and say stuff i say in every mail to r...

21st April 2003 13:04