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:confused: I need Help!:confused: When i go to create a game and put the decicated to internet then...

26th September 2004 04:09

how do u kno if u have Lan?¿?

30th October 2004 05:10


30th October 2004 10:10

K but do u need memory cuz someone told me u do

31st October 2004 10:10

Hey mates I am not really new to filefront, I have looking around this site alot lol! Anyway I hop...

8th March 2007 03:03

The Wraith Stalkers Mod ORIGINS The Wraith Stalkers were formed during the 13th Dark Founding.The...

8th March 2007 04:03

Sweet One more Mapper/Coder then we have right now :) And I also need a fluff guy give advice to s...

8th March 2007 04:03

Well my clan is always looking, give me a pm if you are interested.

8th March 2007 05:03

Thanks for the welcome folks! I am almost finished reading the FAQ, cheers!

8th March 2007 05:03

Okay mate I will keep that in mind. ALSO support the mod!

9th March 2007 06:03

UPDATE: The Campagin now ALMOST has a story line. Just finishing out the details. The Test Tech Tree...

9th March 2007 07:03

Upgrade List Squad cap: Incrases Squad Cap. Tank cap: Increases Tank cap. Frag Grenades: Gives Tac...

13th March 2007 05:03

Sure d00d. Just sign up on the forum! Its easier to talk that way.

20th March 2007 01:03

Almost done with the Terminator Missile Pods, Thanks to sumrandomguy! Front: Back:

20th March 2007 02:03

Sure mate! Just join the forum so its easier to talk.

20th March 2007 02:03

WIP TERMINATOR CHAPLAIN. BY ADRIAN We are still looking for help in: Voice Actors/Riggers/Anima...

27th March 2007 23:03