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The mod looks nice. I may have to get Ut2004 just for it, because I can't stand UT2004 by itself.

18th April 2005 20:04

Eagle Onelol, the days leading up to when i was about to get it went very very slow indeed an i h...

17th April 2005 00:04

amoreelitesoldierAs much as I hate to revive dead threads, I have to post to tell Ping I hate him :p...

16th April 2005 22:04

Red Menace From me to you Strum, get well soon. :giggle:

12th April 2005 00:04

I prefer suicidal nades in DoD myself. I never enjoyed CoD.

30th March 2005 20:03

Der Sturmbannführeryour all fucking morons, the whole lot of you... I copy and paste my spaces, how...

11th April 2005 23:04

No-good drunks.

11th April 2005 23:04

He was a drunk.

11th April 2005 23:04

Get a room.

11th April 2005 23:04

I think my ears are bleeding.

11th April 2005 23:04

Oh my! I got your space bar!

9th April 2005 21:04

Nice, i'm planning on getting a whole new computer, also. Mine needs and overhaul, I thought I shoul...

8th April 2005 19:04

AMD Athlon 64 FX-55 (2.6 GHz) 1024KB cache 939-pin ASUS A8N-SLI Deluxe (chipset nVidia nForce4 SLI)...

5th April 2005 21:04

Some People Ass Munch

4th April 2005 00:04

Phoenix_22heh...we have been having a competition for months. secretly :p That is, what's the word....

1st April 2005 19:04

Phoenix_22meh, this sucks...even if it is an april fools thing i wanted to beat Donavan's post count...

1st April 2005 19:04


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