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Keep it in your pants, please. No free-balling.

11th December 2005 03:12

Killer, please, keep it in your pants.

11th December 2005 03:12

Mast3rofPuppetsBring it on. The first thing I'll do when I get to the states is to buy a 2l coke a...

10th December 2005 19:12

killer400Mine nah. Mines black,n00b. OWNED!!, thats YOURS!!. Owned, son, [SIZE="7"]OWNED![/SIZE]

11th December 2005 03:12

The American Resturant

11th December 2005 03:12

Mast3rofPuppetsYou have something called bail in the states, it will be worth a few hundred bucks fo...

10th December 2005 19:12

Crazy WolfThe Greeks sacrificed animals in the temple. We have no animal sacrifices in our Greek-tem...

10th December 2005 19:12

Mast3rofPuppetsThis thread is dieing! HA! You're Swedish, HA!

15th December 2005 21:12

Is it a goat?

9th December 2005 02:12

Eh, at least it is going to a good cause.

20th December 2005 01:12

ToXiC Hawkn00b! My leet 9600 will pwnz0r j00r crapz0r 850xshit! Oh snap, son.

20th December 2005 00:12

I still need to get my two 7800's. Still stuck with this 850xt pe for awhile...

19th December 2005 23:12


21st December 2005 03:12

SeinfeldRulesAs Ping Pong would put it... Swedemonger They try. I highly doubt that is even a langu...

19th December 2005 22:12

I am still ashamed of selling drugs to poor children.

19th December 2005 21:12

Red MenaceIt will never see a real war either. Bah hahahahaha! :lol: The F-35 is already kicking t...

19th December 2005 21:12

Mast3rofPuppetsYou wish, the F-22 is just an old cold war relic. Sad that you are getting beat by...

19th December 2005 00:12

I think we made the F22-A to piss off Sweden.

18th December 2005 21:12

I sold crack. I was ashamed.

18th December 2005 21:12

Domo Arigato -Mr. Roboto.

18th December 2005 18:12

ANZACSASa few questions for you yanks as im moveing to tennessee next year want am i going to see th...

21st December 2005 15:12

AgellWhen was the last time you used gay refering to a homosexual? It didn't mean homosexual to b...

18th December 2005 04:12

Mast3rofPuppetsOnly girls and feminine men drinks tea. The British?

22nd December 2005 16:12

SpiderGoatNext tip: nothing before the 20th century is relevant for Americans, except the American R...

22nd December 2005 16:12

Master Chief 14Good morning fellow Americans how are you doing today. Drinking coffee not tea? Bett...

22nd December 2005 15:12