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:( When I began creating my first skin I had problems, but later I fixed it so I could be my skin. A...

27th April 2002 22:04

Okey thank you.

24th September 2002 18:09

I think that there's some 3D Studio Max things included in the .zip file that i sended to the adress...

21st October 2002 12:10

I have sended the Tobias skin to the adress that was named in the beginning in this thred, so start...

21st October 2002 12:10

Where should I send them?

19th October 2002 06:10

I have good textures for Tobias which was on the CD, I can send them to you.

18th October 2002 22:10

Wouldn't you guys think that it would be fun to duel someone as Tobias Rieper, you know who he is if...

16th October 2002 17:10

Mr 47 will kill you with his fibre wire if you don't agree that it's rude. I'm just joking in the sm...

15th October 2002 20:10

Or else we will hunt you down.

15th October 2002 14:10

It wasso totally damn rude, let's hunt Samm down.

14th October 2002 03:10

That would be damn cool, I didn't think of such a skin, or model could be even better.

13th October 2002 18:10

It would be nice to fight against Darth Vader as Tobias Rieper the Hitman. If you don't know who I'm...

13th October 2002 08:10

It would be nice to fight against Darth Vader as Tobias Rieper the Hitman.

12th October 2002 20:10

In the 3D modeling tutorial in the modeling part after I have copied all the files to 3D Studio and...

28th September 2002 09:09

Anyone who knows how to import .xsi files to 3D Studio Max 3?

24th September 2002 11:09

I can send all the four files for themselves but just the files, not in .zip format.

21st October 2002 12:10

You must add the Lich King if you create the mod or the Undead Scourge will come and kill you all.

24th September 2002 11:09

I will have to use the thing they use in Men In Black to forget it!

9th September 2002 04:09

Ok thanks for aswering.

7th September 2002 06:09

Does the 3D Studio Max 4 modeling turorial work with 3D Studio Max 3? If not, can someone create a s...

6th September 2002 12:09

Yes that's the way I did. Beware of the dark side.

19th August 2002 04:08

Yes. it's working for me.

19th August 2002 03:08

It would be greate if you guys could create a Alien model, damn greate!

19th August 2002 03:08

You have to activate Jedi Mod in the setup menu!

18th August 2002 10:08

I didn't know that you could play with costum skin which not is zipped.

18th August 2002 08:08