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"Beauuutiful animal"-/Steve Erwin.

13th March 2003 10:03

I have tested both with 1.04 and the original 1.00 versions but it won't work on anyone of them. "I...

26th February 2003 13:02

the limit-problem is not my problem cause I tested to have about fifteen models/skins but about seve...

25th February 2003 14:02

I think it's allready mentioned, but why can't I use all of my skins/models? What should I do to mak...

24th February 2003 15:02

I hope that he is creating a model, but I want the skin too.

24th October 2002 12:10

Nice work, but wouldn't it be even better with a model?

23rd October 2002 10:10

I will not be here on this forum very much any more because my parents are splitting up and the near...

22nd October 2002 11:10

I think all bots just fool around.

17th August 2002 08:08

I rode that a Lord of the Rings TC would come, but why can people create a Lord of the Rings TC and...

15th August 2002 19:08

I have created a skin but I don´t know how to do a name for it, can someone help me, please? And ano...

6th June 2002 17:06

A bot tutorial would be nice!

18th June 2002 15:06

I have the same problem with my skin, I can´t be it but the bots can!

29th June 2002 21:06

What help would you want?

29th June 2002 20:06

Yes I know there is an skin of Plo Koon there, but an even better skin would be even nicer!

29th June 2002 17:06

Can someone create an Plo Koon skin? It would be nice!

29th June 2002 14:06

Is there someone out there who want to create an Jar Jar Binks skin?

29th June 2002 12:06

Good! It´s good to have bot support, but I only have bot support and can´t be my skin, it´s totaly c...

29th June 2002 12:06

If my skin have red and blue skin files, it have CTF support, doesn´t it?

28th June 2002 21:06

Yes I have one for the blue and one for the red skin too!

20th June 2002 23:06

All my icons says icon_defalut.jpg. And now when I have been mixing around, nothing is working anymo...

20th June 2002 23:06

But wait...What directorynames?

19th June 2002 09:06

That´s good, you maybe want my skin after?

19th June 2002 08:06

Ok, I will test it!

18th June 2002 15:06

I started creating a new skin which would be Duke Nukem, but it didn´t work this time either!

17th June 2002 22:06

Yes I created one for the blue, one for the default and one for the red!

1st July 2002 11:07