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Do your bots work? My bots are wierd, because when I have created a skin and want it to be a bot, I...

10th August 2002 21:08

Do you really think it's good and pretty? it's my first skin, so it maybe not should be nice. Will y...

3rd August 2002 23:08

Oh, sorry!

3rd August 2002 16:08

I will try with the 1.03 patch.

30th July 2002 14:07

That was something supernice, I really mean it!

2nd July 2002 22:07

I don't know in which forum I should write this, but the game crashes when I try to include all my d...

30th July 2002 12:07

I have done Osama Bin Laden, I can send it if you want it!

30th July 2002 11:07

Can someone please call 911 (joking)...Can someone please tell me how to install Jedi Mod, I want to...

30th July 2002 11:07

I love WarCraft and I really want an orc skin, could someone please make it for me? A model would be...

27th July 2002 11:07

Yes because theyhaven´t erazed the skins of the characters from Episode 1 and 2 that someone have do...

10th July 2002 22:07

But why are they creating editors for us then???

9th July 2002 17:07

Yes but the guy who created the skin couldn´t find any good modelers!

6th July 2002 13:07

The new skin of Plo Koon is done and is ready to be downloaded, I force you to download it!

6th July 2002 11:07

Aren´t we allowed to create total conversions for each other? But we maybe can try to do it anyway?

5th July 2002 16:07

I thought of a total conversion when I bought the game, I really wish that someone good skinner and...

5th July 2002 13:07

Do you mean the Plo Koon skin at The Massassi Temple? It´s coming an new skin of Plo Koon and I have...

4th July 2002 22:07

I don´t know what you mean!

4th July 2002 15:07

What do you mean?

3rd July 2002 22:07

Yeah, that was nice news. Thanks!

18th January 2005 09:01