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hello all i registered an account for amricas army, but i never got an email back with my account in...

21st August 2004 02:08

Animefan162a;3968220...and why not make it so the axis can do the same thing? i know ! especially si...

9th October 2007 05:10

you never know enders, can only find out by finishing it and putting it up for download somewhere li...

20th October 2007 20:10

gotta tell ya honestly, i was expecting this to be a flop , given the number of empty servers on any...

16th October 2007 18:10

what you're doing , eg is how all the skinners became good skinners . you just have to do it over an...

16th October 2007 18:10

if they're .jpg, the engine will still read them even if listed as .tga

16th October 2007 06:10

pballer, did you get the chance to talk to the other members about a forums ?

16th October 2007 02:10

kids, it's just a matter of creating a shader/shader entry for each individual skin . let them all w...

15th October 2007 09:10

would you like a forums ?

8th October 2007 11:10

no but he always seems to use ''pato'' in his screen name when ever he submits a file .

30th October 2007 03:10

the mods i listed are actually links to the mods themselves, freedomna

8th October 2007 06:10

city nights weapons pak (weapons) link city nights beta (skins) link city nights final (weapons &...

6th October 2007 23:10

freedomna, disregard the above and go see my reply in here

6th October 2007 04:10

a lot of the above weapons and skins can be found in city nights beta & city nights final as wel...

6th October 2007 04:10

it's a free download, kid . click on the download button to the right and it'll ask you to download...

6th October 2007 00:10

i textured the skin , however and again...i didn't make the hair model .

5th October 2007 20:10

was his mod again deleted (modern weapons pak) ? if so , good job admin .

29th October 2007 03:10

thing is crissi, he's been caught in the past stealing parts or complete mods from other modders . a...

30th October 2007 06:10

if you're using regcleaner, it's listed under city nights final and city nights final sounds

5th October 2007 08:10

exactly and i don't even have to customize it for them (provided they know CSS coding/cascading styl...

2nd November 2007 20:11

also if you building terrain from an lod.tga...try enlarging the actual .tga image once you get it i...

29th December 2007 22:12 is up . try deleting cookies & emptying temp bin .

23rd November 2007 01:11

mapping's a tad more difficult for beginners , skinning's the way to get started to teach you about...

21st November 2007 23:11

still waiting to hear from them but you'll be the first to know .

14th November 2007 09:11

i know a clan that has a couple servers they could/do sublease to . haven't talked to them in awhile...

13th November 2007 22:11