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Well i could list huge amount of stuff from MGS, but other than that theres "Mocking Query: Coorta?...

30th September 2010 03:09

1: Alien (amazingly well done) 2: Psycho (classic Hitchcock) 3: The Shinning (Kubrick is amazing)

9th February 2011 08:02

I'm just over halfway done with The Dark Tower 7: The Dark Tower...its a very good series and a grea...

9th February 2011 08:02

But without Canada where will Scott Pilgrim take place? :confused:

9th February 2011 08:02

I (finally) got the Orange Box via steam along with Dragon Age-Ultimate and Mafia 2 all dirt cheap.....

13th January 2011 06:01

MGS series Kotor 1&2 LOTR:BFME games Advance Wars Uncharted 1&2 Mass effect Far Cry 2 Age of...

23rd November 2010 08:11

so my friends and i were talking about which is better, but I was the only one who played more than...

8th November 2010 09:11

ok so i had this program (legally bought) running perfectly on my old vista laptop, but that died so...

24th October 2010 08:10

Thank you Lindale =p

1st October 2010 06:10

This has happened to me a few times before but this time i got really angry. I was at the onderon pa...

30th September 2010 07:09

Mass Effect (gotta get to level 60) and Red Dead redemption in preparation for the zombie DLC

30th September 2010 02:09

signed it

13th June 2005 17:06

Wow thats awesome news! :D Ps:t is one of my favorite games! Thanks for the info dude

30th September 2010 01:09

nice, no Tricorder I cant do that. I can however reference and quote old movies and games constantly...

30th September 2010 01:09

I also like the Kotor games, Uncharted, Mass Effect, ect. That kind of stuff, PS3 and PC mainly.

29th September 2010 07:09

Hello everyone! I'm Plasma Jesus and I'm new to the forums here. How are y'all doing?

29th September 2010 07:09

MODERATOR: READ THE RULES> 1) Soffiles is not here to be used for attacks ( ie no mentioning name...

15th June 2005 01:06

was the guy named gomer??? chek this link out

15th June 2005 01:06 we are a dutch/belgian clan , play at ClanBase european and be...

14th June 2005 14:06

i use neon green dot and crosshairSize 15

13th June 2005 17:06 Th...

9th February 2011 09:02