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Did this ever get finished?

24th August 2005 20:08

Kouen;3336019Ports are illegal without express written permission directly from the developer. Perio...

5th November 2006 21:11

You need to remodel to get the blackline.

21st December 2006 06:12

Ryo Thorn;3419913 *I* Think it's coming along pretty well. I know I have to get it to match Plasma's...

12th December 2006 03:12

Could do with some texture work but it's looking good.

11th December 2006 01:12

Eclypse;3416628The mods look great, guys! It seems like you just whipped it together. How do you mak...

10th December 2006 16:12

I'll start doing Rufus again when I catch you on MSN and get that new file, not being able to see th...

9th December 2006 18:12

You mean like this? Spoiler: Show (Don't use a ported model as your character when showing off the...

3rd December 2006 08:12

Done Elena and this time I added in blue versions for her and Rude because Szico wanted them FF7 sty...

30th November 2006 06:11

Noen I re-did parts of the jacket and I'll send it to you when I see you on msn, basically added a l...

30th November 2006 04:11

Noen_Garuth;3391686Dont you mean Rude plasma? And Elena's all set to send as soon as i see ya on msn...

29th November 2006 03:11

Done Reno, will move on to Elena when Noen sends me the files.

28th November 2006 04:11

If you send the UV maps to me I can have a go at doing the clothes, I can have a go at the faces but...

26th November 2006 00:11

Szico VII;3337812nope. Actually they do :P

5th November 2006 21:11

If I remember rightly if you own Halo you can use/port its weapon models, they went through the same...

4th November 2006 20:11

Elena (_PlasmA_ has kindly taken up the task of skinning her) I did?

2nd November 2006 05:11

Are you sure the textures are the right sizes?

13th October 2006 02:10

Current Name: _PlasmA_ Desired Name: Plasma89

9th September 2006 05:09

bobaandyYou know, i emailed my lucasarts contact a while ago about a WYSIWYG menu editior, and then...

26th August 2006 06:08

Thanks a lot I managed to find one now I can finish the map =)

17th August 2006 21:08

Hello, I've recently started a map for Movie Battles and I want to cel shade it to make it look...

17th August 2006 20:08

You can ask permission from the makers of the game though to use it, like what Psyk0Sith did with th...

23rd July 2006 19:07

Hope this helps.

10th July 2006 08:07

Kouen(Avast! Antivirus+ZoneAlarm Pro combo > Norton.) ;) That's what I use o=

24th June 2006 01:06

LSD2RaydenAssault rifle isn't the only one apperantly the SMG is also made if I'm correct... (Halo 2...

10th June 2006 07:06