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Looks like a Jackal off of Halo O_O kewlies

5th November 2005 18:11

Just thought I'd let you know Mars is doing a commando model to go with his Ultimate Clone Trooper p...

27th November 2005 05:11

22nd November 2005 22:11

Darth777...what? Anyway, I doubt he'd understand everything about the SHM from just the movie, it d...

22nd November 2005 15:11

Maybe put some scratches once you've done the metal so it looks a bit worn aswell.

19th November 2005 01:11

Aye just open the .skin file and turn it *off

17th November 2005 22:11

Here you go

17th November 2005 15:11

Ah damn sorry I wasn't looking at it's fullsize =/ Erm just thought I'd ask on here you got those...

16th November 2005 04:11

Are you gonna add the coat part to it? ^^ That bit just at the moment its just a normal body.

16th November 2005 03:11

Darth777He should look younger. He looks pretty old. He has wrinkles, and his face could be a little...

13th November 2005 03:11

Jimesu_EvilIt's okay Gir. Saves me having to look between threads. :P BTW is it just me, or are Seph...

9th November 2005 04:11

Heh I like how Gir sneaked in a Sephiroth screenshot :P

5th November 2005 18:11 Hapslash is doing one.

5th November 2005 06:11

It's Marz model not mine I was just posting up screenies here thought you'd like to see them. Here'...

28th November 2005 16:11

Here's a skin for it as for the HF blade you could just use this.

28th October 2005 15:10

Kit Yoda

28th October 2005 15:10

These Vehicles Anyway I played the map and it's really good especially for a beta, what I did notic...

27th October 2005 04:10

I'm downloading now then I'll post my thoughts, when I first saw the map with those vehicles you sho...

27th October 2005 01:10

Should be able to push people down the toilet xD

22nd October 2005 02:10

ROTS : Infinities

22nd October 2005 02:10

AntizacI thought you came from the country that spawned the language. That's nearly word for word...

18th October 2005 20:10

Here's his forum

15th October 2005 06:10

Gir just thought you'd like to know if you wanna start recruiting go to hapslashes forum quite a few...

1st October 2005 23:10

It was already said that Seifer and Squall will come out seperately so they'll be with that I guess.

1st October 2005 16:10

Did you even bother to look on JK3Files?

21st September 2005 02:09