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Hello I have Battlecraft 2.1 and I'm happy with it! I have the LST and cfg for FH 0.7, but I don't...

26th January 2007 15:01

1.A new gamemode, also when some things are already given is alot work. 2.the poll said, that most...

24th May 2008 22:05

ASG Clan will also own a Server. Battlezone BF2 FH2 IP: : 16567

12th December 2007 00:12

Server is online :)

13th December 2007 16:12

When the real PW would be posted, it would be away some seconds later, because of the big spam^^

15th December 2007 02:12

Wow, very cool map, don't want to fight there, it's too beautiful :D When you want to play it. The...

12th March 2008 02:03

Were the voice commands from the fh 0.7 not from the add-on road to rome? T: FH2 is just the best...

19th May 2008 17:05

They look really good :) Well done, looking forward to release :D

20th May 2008 21:05

jejdaCZ;4354181I didn read all tons of text in this post. I tell you my opinion. Rally points are mu...

23rd May 2008 18:05

Don't know if there such a thread. Found nothing with search. So, a friend found on Aberdeen a funny...

24th May 2008 18:05

-=TB=- HORROR;4357134 i dont see any reason to play sl in fh 2 unless you want to make 10 minutes co...

25th May 2008 22:05

Who_Flung_Poo?;4059818Page not found on all of them for me. Only needed to add "forgotten-hope-gener...

30th November 2007 04:11

The BF2 Demo is Version 0.9 or sucha thing. You need to buy Bf2 to play FH2 ;)

19th July 2008 06:07

Italian Playermodel?

28th August 2008 02:08

I knew it :D

28th August 2008 03:08

The Problem with BF1942 Voices is also they don't say the same thins as in bf2. For Example the "Nee...

30th August 2008 01:08

Some type of Sherman for Normandy

4th September 2008 20:09

I buyed BF42 just befor the release of FH 0.7, and a month later, I looked for mods and found FH and...

14th September 2008 18:09

Toddel said they wait if the patch would be announced or released on their last test for 2.15 ;)

14th October 2008 00:10

SdKfz 7 "Flak18", Wespe?

16th October 2008 03:10

Sad News, but I hope the devs can still make something with their stuff, as example with joining ano...

18th November 2008 04:11 - One of the Best Community's I know, it's only german, but we're world wide know, and...

11th December 2007 18:12

'[F|Hdutch;4056150']Yesterday was Sunday, we where there on Saturday mate. Upcoming Saturday there w...

27th November 2007 19:11

Why they can't make a englishe site? I want too to read the site :( And the PrinceUmeboschi.jpn FHSW...

1st March 2007 21:03

1 GB download and 2 GB unpacked. They should take some Maps out, I hear, that are more than 100 Maps...

12th August 2007 21:08
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