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What do you ladies and mentlegen think of what's been shown at E3 this year? I'm personally still c...

15th June 2019 18:06


15th June 2019 18:06

Zephyr hi

27th May 2019 22:05

There's an official video too, but it's cut off three quarters in, and at some point the audio and v...

12th April 2019 17:04

We should really get around to play some of this stuff.

8th April 2019 20:04

Don't listen to the man who has been dead for three years for tax reasons.

7th April 2019 20:04

Welcome back, hope you enjoy your stay!

7th April 2019 18:04

There's a stark rise in people who believe things they see on fringe blogs to be the truth, and that...

7th April 2019 17:04

What'd be less difficult? I can't imaging Borg textures being easy to replicate.

7th April 2019 17:04

While it’s never a safe bet to celebrate anniversaries of old video games that the Internet tells us...

31st March 2019 12:03 Go go go

28th March 2019 23:03

Zephyr no

21st March 2019 18:03


21st March 2019 17:03

1.5 billion? That's nothing for Google. "Here, have your little lunch money, we'll just resume divin...

21st March 2019 16:03

Colorful media. Optimism. Joy of any description. Music. Films and series. Games. A stable world.

21st March 2019 16:03

If I manage to do so, I find it a jackpot these days. Getting a job while finishing Uni simultaneous...

21st March 2019 16:03

OpenTTD Team Fortress 2 Command & Conquer titles up to and including Tiberian Sun: Firestorm,...

21st March 2019 16:03

Yes. They should. Leap-of-faith purchasing shouldn't be a thing. Having demos means you have the bal...

21st March 2019 16:03

It will be if everyone jumps into it like the fad-following sheep that they are. No game that is afr...

21st March 2019 14:03

17th March 2019 20:03

In the March 2019 episode of Inside Xbox, Xbox Game Studios announced not only that Halo: The Master...

12th March 2019 21:03

Deponia: The Complete Journey, with a touch of whatever RTS I feel like that day.

10th March 2019 23:03

The water coaster in the dinosaur area could use some surrounding scenery on its outer side. Perhaps...

7th March 2019 19:03

7th March 2019 19:03

For some time now, people who were closely following what's cookin' at 3D Realms knew that they were...

7th March 2019 17:03