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Hmm, this can always be an open idea, but lets move on to something different. Now what year did t...

25th October 2006 13:10

Alright, now we need a dev to see this.

24th October 2006 13:10

im prety sure some out of the millions of soldiers in WW2 did

23rd October 2006 23:10

Ive fired a Garand before, and Ive been to pleanty of M1 Fansites, and all said that you can reload...

23rd October 2006 22:10

Most people believe that the Garand cannot be reloaded between shots. According to The Springfeild...

23rd October 2006 21:10

El Daba?

22nd October 2006 23:10

Yup, lol. How about a Mix of American, German, British, and French troops, but mostly USA, France,...

22nd October 2006 23:10

Well, as Food said, there were mostly Indian, Canadians, and Brits there, so mix some models.

22nd October 2006 23:10

Smith_;3307376in FH2? And who will have first blood? THE SUSPENCE IS KILLING ME. Maybe the bet...

22nd October 2006 23:10

zuiquan1;3305187or we can have the british french and US as one team, and japan, germany and all the...

22nd October 2006 00:10

I see potential in the chrchil bobin (Large silk spool) On D-day maps, have a bobin tank, deploy w...

3rd October 2006 01:10

What I mean is a mix of player models into 1 team. Is there a way to make the mix random? Like 1 g...

22nd October 2006 00:10

Scince, the Canadians, and Chinese were at Hong Kong, make a speprate force, of Chinese and Canadian...

21st October 2006 17:10

I call the Mammoth Tank

21st October 2006 17:10

Cadyshack;3300129Hmmm, I dont like the idea of killing backblast. Just picture someone charging into...

21st October 2006 17:10

Actualy, they said "Backblast Clear". It was the Second guy in the bazooka Team who spoke this. I c...

19th October 2006 22:10

Have you been playing too much C&C Red Alert?

19th October 2006 22:10

Yes, bazooka, panzershrek, etc

17th October 2006 23:10

Is there a way to make backblast lethal? According to my book, backblast is lethal 15 ft away from...

17th October 2006 23:10

Will rocket recoil be removed?

5th October 2006 21:10

Tp save space, lets stick to the plane spawn, just choose to spawn as a zero, achival. jake, jesse,...

5th May 2006 21:05

go to a book store, and look for a book called, military small arms of the 20th century, it has almo...

5th May 2006 13:05

I am the nephew. Scince I've fired guns before, in the day, no flash is present.

25th October 2006 23:10

yeah, this is taking realism way too far Um, thats what FH2 is about

27th April 2006 13:04

Not all tanks need 1 crew member Map Ideas: Pointe Du Hoc (a Higgins that shoots rope is great)

28th April 2006 13:04