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I changed my name, and got away with it.

14th February 2009 04:02

Terug van een lekker weekje slopen in Den Helder.

26th September 2009 00:09

Commissar MercZ;5026375oh look its you Why yes it is, are you suprised?

5th October 2009 01:10

Turks brood voor 2 euro = win!

5th October 2009 01:10

Hi guys.

5th October 2009 01:10

Admiral Donutz;5026291Is Woensdag niet gehakt dag ofzo? Spoiler: Show

5th October 2009 01:10

Noobst3R;5026080Omdat?[/QUOTE] Traditie. [QUOTE=Admiral Donutz;5026262]Gekke jonge. :banana2:

5th October 2009 00:10

Admiral Donutz;5026048Wil je soms ook een loempia? Zoals ik al zei; ik eet alleen loempia's & o...

4th October 2009 21:10

Eet alleen blauwe hap op Woensdag.

4th October 2009 20:10

Loempia's op 3 uur in de middag? SCHANDELIJK!

4th October 2009 19:10

En in middels al goede middag!

4th October 2009 17:10

Goede morgen!

4th October 2009 16:10

n0e;5017152Think I'm kidding? Test me.. I dare you. :smokin: Gimme your best shot.

26th September 2009 00:09

5th October 2009 01:10

Nee, zelfs Hitler niet.

20th September 2009 04:09

Admiral Donutz;5011790Als Pool zijnde zou ik maar oppassen als ik jouw was. :rofl: Ik vrees niemand...

20th September 2009 04:09

You say magic, I said enemy of the thread.

20th September 2009 01:09

Admiral Donutz;5011755Ik heb puur Duits bloed! Ik ben de grootste Duitser ooit! ACHTUNG ACHTUNG HIER...

20th September 2009 01:09

Looks great, I may download it someday when I get a bit bored with the other games I'm currently pla...

6th September 2009 21:09

Sorry, no nude Lara Croft for you.

4th September 2009 03:09

Your momma is so ugly, the neighbors will break into your house to close the curtains.

2nd September 2009 03:09

So much for my chances to become leader of the new world.

30th August 2009 15:08

It's all a giant plot to overthrow the power of the Red Thread.

16th August 2009 19:08

You were not informed correctly, as I was for a fact demolishing houses.

5th October 2009 01:10

Wat een achterlijk topic is dit.

7th October 2009 16:10