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2nd March 2003 04:03

costume maps

23rd September 2003 08:09

i dont know anything bout modding but i want to know how to make it where when you blow something up...

8th September 2003 00:09

can someone tell me how to make shortcuts to my mods

10th September 2003 03:09

I was on a server today and this guy name SS Heaven was hacking really bad and evryone started to l...

22nd September 2003 03:09

I was just wondering if anyone is curently making or is planning on making eod target practice 20%.I...

23rd September 2003 07:09

yes i would also really like it if someone would update this mod i really miss it

23rd September 2003 07:09

can somoene lpease tell me how to make my mpas compatible with 1.45

23rd September 2003 08:09

maps from 1.31

23rd September 2003 08:09

hey i just wanted to know a good program for finding servers

3rd August 2003 02:08

I was just wondering if there's gona be realistic shell speeds and range or the lame turtle slow 30...

26th September 2003 04:09

I want to know how to take the vehicles and stuff that are on the conquest game type of wake and put...

29th September 2003 00:09

I was just wondering if somone on the fh team could help me with this.I want to take the vehicles(ma...

29th September 2003 01:09

If you need a beta tester my email is [email][/email]

30th September 2003 07:09

I have $90 and am getting a new game but i am totally stumped on which one to get so i was hoping so...

28th October 2003 10:10

I have alot of blank cd-r's and i want to put some of the mods i have downloaded on them but i cant...

25th December 2003 09:12

I'm a good sniper looking for a clan with members who wanna have fun reply or email me at [email]Pri...

4th August 2003 00:08

yep that pretty much tells it.just go try it please. oh yea almost forgot if your anywher...

31st July 2003 04:07

I am a god sniper and I'm looking for a clan.If anyone has a clan I can join please reply or email m...

4th March 2003 23:03

screw you

1st April 2003 08:04

I already have a clan so I don't need any more posts

11th March 2003 08:03

I have the rfa extracter and I know how to extract the files but how do I get costom skins to work p...

13th March 2003 07:03

I just wanted to know if anyone knew if there was a mod or something that gave u just a third person...

16th March 2003 23:03

I am a good sniper looking for a clan.Please reply ur enemys will be sorry

17th March 2003 06:03

Hey I just want to know if anyone knows where I can download something that I can make a movie with...

25th March 2003 05:03
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