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Strange... why you all behave like this. Why in every post you attack bobb. You want more players......

11th September 2004 22:09

[COLOR=Purple]thats funny....sounds like a lot of bs but still funny[/COLOR]

30th July 2006 09:07

[COLOR=Purple]lol.. thats great[/COLOR]

30th July 2006 08:07

[COLOR=Purple]just be lucky your hair isnt thin so that no matter how you style it it goes flat with...

29th July 2006 01:07

[COLOR=Purple]yeah well... i wasnt very fond of it. white wolf has a great system i think[/COLOR]

28th July 2006 10:07

[COLOR=Purple]Yeah I could never get into warhammer much. The painting is to teadius for me to do. a...

27th July 2006 22:07

The first Aquarium opened in Chicago, 1893 Home to the Chicago Bears Football Team, Chicago Blackhaw...

26th July 2006 22:07

[COLOR=Purple]I am playing WoW and a lot of mario baseball[/COLOR]

26th July 2006 22:07

[COLOR=Purple]super paper mario !!!![/COLOR]

22nd August 2006 04:08

in 500 hundred years there will be no color difference between anybody because of all the interracia...

9th September 2006 03:09

[COLOR=Purple]if you want a girls point of veiw on the situation....I have been through the same thi...

22nd August 2006 04:08

[COLOR=DarkOrchid]i like venture bros and I think they should take off the anime. it just plain suck...

22nd August 2006 04:08

[COLOR=Purple]i think its gonna flop hard just like the first one did. We are in the age of reality...

22nd August 2006 04:08

I think that like crash bandicoot jak and daxter started going down hill when naughty dog sold the r...

22nd August 2006 03:08

[COLOR=Purple]I agree that it is a waste of time and very very pink!!!!!!! That is something my lil...

22nd August 2006 03:08

[COLOR=Purple]I played silent hill 4 and it was awsome and as soon as i heard about the movie out i...

12th August 2006 19:08

i personally have never used plastic mini's, but i have in fact used the metal ones and i think that...

12th August 2006 18:08

What sort of table tops is everyone playing? I know my husband and I are playing one called with gre...

26th July 2006 22:07

[COLOR=Purple]well parts of where i live have had no power for like a week now [/COLOR]

26th July 2006 22:07

me thinks you should shave your funny beard if you want to intimidate sb .... its just an advice.

14th September 2004 05:09

Bright eyes- at the bottom of everything So there was this woman and she was on an airplane, and sh...

4th July 2006 11:07

[COLOR=Purple]Invader zim!!!! Rock on! 10/10[/COLOR]

6th July 2006 00:07

[COLOR=Purple]Wht I think is worse than the parents giving their cildren the fake guns, is theparent...

6th July 2006 00:07

Yes!!! my wait is finnally over !!!!

5th July 2006 07:07

[COLOR=Purple]why exactly is that a haunting fact??[/COLOR]

4th July 2006 11:07
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