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[/FONT][B][SIZE=2][FONT=Arial] I was just wondering, Call of Duty is awesome and all :rock: but wi...

10th December 2003 04:12

Yeah, I was just wondering if there *was* one in development or something. (Hopefuly there is :) )

11th December 2003 00:12

Lets not forget Bot Support in multiplayer :lol: A Co-OP Mode of SP would be nice too.

11th December 2003 01:12

Heya all. My friend made this sidescroller marine shooter game with flash mx. It's pretty cool. Pl...

11th December 2003 04:12

[QUOTE=Wat Tambor]sp? ever try that?[/QUOTE I think that he was talking about MP there genius :smac...

14th December 2003 04:12

I heard that someone was making a Call Of Duty Multiplayer Mod similar to Day of Defeat. Is this tr...

19th December 2003 23:12

Are they compatible with the AI for Offline play?

19th April 2004 22:04

Has anyone done an Assault map for CZ? If so, where do i download it?

19th April 2004 22:04

Okay, so i go and get condition zero only to find that it doesn't even have my favorite map (cs_assa...

19th April 2004 22:04