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Would it be possible to replace jan in SP with Plasma's Jan_Pink(

23rd February 2003 08:02

Would it only have kyles voice for cutscenes? or would all the sounds be kyle, like getting hit and...

23rd February 2003 15:02

cool thanks.

24th February 2003 02:02

hasn't most of that already been done before?

24th February 2003 07:02

Just wondering, was that a yes or no Bart? if no thanks for considering anyway.

25th February 2003 05:02

no i mean for changing jan to jan pink and kyle to jan silver.

25th February 2003 06:02

I found a SP mod that made it so you could play as tavian that changed the kyle grunt sounds to tavi...

25th February 2003 10:02

Acctually, i have found all the jan sound files. They are located in the assets1.pk3, or i can send...

25th February 2003 10:02

K just sent them in a .zip to your email address there. and thanks again.

25th February 2003 13:02

Yeah maybe he used the older version of jan pink, ill get that and try. I hope you can get rid of th...

26th February 2003 11:02

ohhh, i may have found why she wasnt there. Bart put jane_pink and i think it should be jan_pink...i...

26th February 2003 13:02

:( darn, well thanks anyway ill ask in other places and maybe fiddle with it a little. thanks for yo...

27th February 2003 08:02

Ok, i had Bart Skywalker make a mod that replaced jan with jan pink and kyle with jan silver. The pr...

27th February 2003 10:02

thats cuz oldschool transformers werent anime (/puke:r). personally i think anime , or japanamation...

27th February 2003 13:02