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Hi, some days ago I downloaded the very great Addon Armada 2 Fleet Operations, but when I play IA...

31st May 2004 16:05

what do you think is the problem?

27th April 2005 13:04

Thanks for your help Porty the BI wireframes look great!!!:) But the co-ordinates for the Premoniti...

16th December 2004 19:12

Yes I forgot to put it under @reference512:( But now it works!!!:) Thanks for your help!!!

17th December 2004 16:12

Hi, I've downloaded the high textured steamrunner class from sherman2. But when I play this in game...

18th December 2004 21:12

They are 256 to 256 yet!!!!

19th December 2004 10:12

Hi, I,ve added the Federation Base to my game, and when I played then it was much too big. So I ma...

28th February 2005 17:02

sorry but what is b12?

1st March 2005 16:03

Hi, I've tried to make a build button for a construction ship. I used Photo Filtre a paint program....

19th April 2005 14:04

It has 64x64. And I first took a screenshot of the ship then I cut it out and put it on another empt...

19th April 2005 17:04

no... I'll tell you the complete story: I replaced the old construction ship with a new one. But the...

20th April 2005 17:04

Hi, I've tried to make buildbuttons on my own, but they can't be shown in game... and yes size tgafo...

23rd April 2005 17:04

here it is...:)

24th April 2005 16:04

and what do you think?

26th April 2005 16:04

Hi, I've modded my Armada2. I added a new ship and suddenly when I started the game there was a mist...

5th May 2005 09:05

Thanks for your tip!!!:bouncy:

13th December 2004 15:12

thank you very much I'll try this!!!:) :) :) :) :) a :beer: for u!!!

5th May 2005 12:05

Hi, there are a lot of strong borg cubes at armada2files, but every cube fires all his weapons at on...

7th May 2005 08:05

It is so the stock fusion cubes have multi targeting weapons!!! I've tried it with a stock armada 2....

7th May 2005 19:05

Thanks for that additional information it was very helpful!!!:) :) :)

10th May 2005 13:05

Hi, I've modded my own version of armada2 and now I wanted to adapt the ai to my version of armada2....

10th May 2005 14:05

Thats the point!!! Do u have any ideas in this case?

27th May 2005 08:05

and why all of those?:confused:

28th May 2005 14:05

and.... racename.aip does this file really exist?

28th May 2005 14:05

Hi, I've got an idea for a new mod... what about nebulas where u get ressources, but if u shoot near...

1st July 2005 12:07