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^ Loves a Propa McGanda

5th February 2005 23:02

Awesome~ It reminds me of that Japanese submarine aircraft carrier.

20th December 2005 18:12

Stfu tastes best warm -- but not too hot, with one oversized marshmellow sitting in the middle.

23rd November 2005 13:11

SilenT AssassiNBah my picture file of mostly ww2 and some modern is 4546 pics :) Upload it to filef...

23rd November 2005 16:11

I enjoy whatever makes me laugh, or impresses me.

24th November 2005 16:11

Maybe they should replace the MG42 sound on FH with some sound effects from the starwars mod Galacti...

29th November 2005 15:11

I remember stumbling around on the internet, finding this one site entitled 'Weird Pictures'. The fi...

1st December 2005 03:12

Art I've done in the last two days

2nd December 2005 09:12

Thanks guys. I did this a bit after I posted this topic. Just finished it now.

2nd December 2005 11:12

I drew an outline on printer paper in ink, scanned it, then colored it in photoshop. If you know of...

3rd December 2005 09:12


3rd December 2005 14:12

Hah! Who wants my autograph?

3rd December 2005 17:12

Hah, I wonder if I should put my favorite poem and short story in my sig... I remember right after...

4th December 2005 01:12

Hmm, it seems as though it froze. My dashing good looks must've broken it!

4th December 2005 05:12

Fun topic! Here's some super random stuff from me. Anyone else have a Deviant Art acount? http://n...

17th December 2005 11:12

Nah, I'm not interested.

19th December 2005 12:12

Shucks, look what propa made you. Have a nippely Christmas, guys!

24th December 2005 06:12

GauntletFG42 yes. StG44 no. Alrighty

22nd November 2005 17:11

I didn't get much sleep the night before, so I woke up very groggy. I went to get some coffee. Had a...

31st December 2005 21:12

It was me. I admit it. My computer wasn't working at the time, and I had a craving for some e-booty....

1st January 2006 19:01

Mp5-KillaContrary to popular beleif the devs do not owe you an update ;). Remember that thing called...

1st January 2006 20:01

I don't like it's current state, but I hope they keep going. It could be a very nice mod. Personally...

9th January 2006 21:01

I'm going to jump into the Maus and kill some Italians.

10th January 2006 06:01

*taps Hitler on the shoulder* Hello there, what's your name? MEIN NAME IST HITLAR! I remember ba...

11th January 2006 00:01

As long as they can make a good profit, they'll keep trying to make money off of stuff like this. It...

12th January 2006 09:01