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another question.... ya know that lil button that shows when you're building the ship/station/othe...

30th April 2003 17:04

Is there a plugin or somthing you had to download? These are all the options I get!

2nd May 2003 02:05

it didn't let me upload the pic... :(

2nd May 2003 02:05

I downloaded several ships, but only buildItem13 and below would show up in the shipyard. I'm guess...

3rd May 2003 00:05

how do people kitbash things if they can't open them then?

3rd May 2003 00:05

the store... you can't dl it legally. you can order a demo, but the full program costs $3495 accord...

6th May 2003 01:05

I thought I had seen this here before, but I searched several different ways and couldn't find it....

13th June 2003 21:06