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YO! WAZZZZUP! Big chief in teh hizzouse! Peace! :mepimp:

29th September 2003 09:09

Go die. Asshole. :D Sure, ill dj till Evers gets on :)

5th November 2003 06:11

That we did. :)

9th October 2003 02:10

Agreed cock garage. :)

12th October 2003 02:10

Im actually going to a Staind concert, this sunday the 19th, its gonna be pretty good... Here is the...

17th October 2003 06:10

What if I said Eversmen reminds me of a diabetic in a chocolate factory... Sick and horney.

17th October 2003 09:10


23rd October 2003 23:10

Now random is when a giant frozen astrioid of shit flys down and blows up your car. Thats Random.

27th October 2003 14:10

YOU DONT KNOW ME! And if you do, YOU DONT!

29th October 2003 05:10

My winamp was fucked for a while, I had to re dl shoutcast and shit, but, its all back up, thx to no...

29th October 2003 05:10


31st October 2003 10:10

Sweet.... Maybe I can get on off the opening for the after hours show :o

3rd November 2003 13:11


4th November 2003 09:11


5th November 2003 06:11

The chicken, because god created it first of all, then one came on the ark :) Im so intelligent. rof...

8th October 2003 09:10

You are stupid. And last time I saw dead, he was playing with his monkey...

5th November 2003 06:11

How about some good old fashion owning? btw Dead, gl with the pc :D

12th November 2003 10:11

Frank Sinatra = Old School Pimp.

15th November 2003 15:11

Yep... But, guess what... IM ON PROBATION! Muhahahha.... Seriosuly though.... I can only get on the...

15th November 2003 15:11

uhhh..... Bitches and Hoes By: Frank Sinatra :D

16th November 2003 13:11

Crash, rofl, uhhh..... Get a life? :D <3 Crashy Poo

16th November 2003 16:11

Uhhh..... Bad time to say, Frank Sinatra is a pimp?

16th November 2003 16:11

rofl, I dont think it is.... :D

16th November 2003 16:11

Yes, yes, Dead, PLZ COME BACK, I miss your all around secksi-ness, :D

16th November 2003 17:11

Nice Control You Secksi Man Whore Person Smart Guy Man!

16th November 2003 17:11