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For some reason I cant get myself an Avatar Can someone tell me why?

15th February 2003 19:02

What I meant was that option has been blanked out. It says avatar but there is nothing next to it.

15th February 2003 22:02

Thanks all of you I can now get it to work

16th February 2003 03:02

I was searching through some files in the specs foldier and In one of the files I came across some r...

16th February 2003 03:02

Does anyone like my avatar?

16th February 2003 06:02

Well perhaps they will release it in an expansion pack or something?

16th February 2003 23:02

So is there anybody out there who is making a species 8472 mod for Starfleet command 3?

14th August 2003 23:08