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Hi, I'm new to the forums and would like to say hi! Err. Hi! :)

11th July 2007 01:07

Relish Heh. That's what I thought of when I was eating a hotdog.

24th August 2007 21:08

It's A Trap! Well, more of an April Fool's Joke.. Or is it..? It's a hypno-test to see whether we ar...

2nd April 2008 07:04

I like Pacific, reminds me of Wake Island in BF42. I also chose Eastern, can't forget molotov-huntin...

28th January 2008 11:01

Browning HP, Nagant M1895, Lahti L-35, MP41.. Something like that.

13th December 2007 11:12

That would be a cool idea, since varying terrains affect your speed, like mud and gravel.

27th October 2007 10:10

Lol... Those were really funny. Odd sense of humour in you folks.

23rd October 2007 05:10

I just saw these on another forum and I'm wondering if they're humorous or not.

21st October 2007 09:10

The Last Unknown Soldier;3891356another note, did soilders use satchel charges as grenade bc i get r...

31st August 2007 05:08

That's smart. I sounded the horn like crazy on ships but noone repaired me. :(

30th August 2007 05:08

There was a map on a TDP mappack that had huge foglights situated right next to AA so the lightmen w...

29th August 2007 07:08

Would we be able to slide a fragmentation sleeve over the M24 Stielhandgrenate, or would it just be...

29th August 2007 07:08

torenico;3882011well on fh1 destroyed tanks .. they're very confused Hehe, I wasted all of a tank'...

27th August 2007 07:08

Cool! They have morale! Hmm, is that second player model an "undercover" one? It looks like VietCong...

24th August 2007 21:08

{SmB}IcelanDick;3787303 Keep your distance from the Canadians. B..But I am Canadian... :bawl:

12th July 2007 07:07

Can anyone post a change log? I wonder what's new...

24th August 2007 08:08

I don't like that, it's just too bright.

7th August 2007 01:08

No, It's to turn off Anti-aliasing on your card. It's hard to find on my card but should be easier o...

6th August 2007 08:08

Wow, nice pictures! Nice hair too!

6th August 2007 08:08

Okay, works now. Thank you!

6th August 2007 07:08

Help, when I play on ANY modification, even Vanilla, I keep getting some furry double text that show...

4th August 2007 08:08

YƦ! Soviet vs Afghanistan! Soviet since they had great tanks in 1980's and Afghanistan since they we...

26th July 2007 07:07

Wow. This was my sedond post... Anyway... Which other weapons used in World War II would have this...

13th July 2007 04:07

Oddly enough, someone just changed my profile thingy... I don't know where it even is. *stares at mo...

12th July 2007 07:07

PIAT just pokes the grenade out of the barrel then propels it toward the target and the others just...

12th July 2007 07:07
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