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I recently downloaded the secret apprentice hk model, and it is amazing, but when i made an npc for...

23rd July 2009 01:07

PROGRESS UPDATE: i just have to do jump/flip animations, and then I'll go about making this ready fo...

24th November 2009 07:11

Please can you stay on my topic and give me feedback, thanx.

1st December 2009 03:12

I've almost finished, I think I shall release it on jk3files next week, but for now: http://www.file...

29th November 2009 11:11

Youre quite good for being new at blender, have you had any experience with other modeling programs?

29th November 2009 03:11

I'd say shoot for something smaller, try to finish the maps, anims, and models that are anywhere clo...

27th November 2009 23:11

thats laptops, not desktops.

27th November 2009 10:11

Actually its because it has havok, dmm, and euphoria. By the way if you don't have 23 gigs space fre...

27th November 2009 08:11

By the way, Inyri isn't a him, she's a her.

25th November 2009 05:11

Me hearded worse bad english forums these yes. On topic: Good work, needs improvement, but good wor...

25th November 2009 05:11

I have it and it runs really well on my computer, it has helped me a good deal with my animations ye...

24th November 2009 21:11

Pretty much,I'm planning to have a third release with a menu mod and a few more animations by the en...

24th November 2009 21:11

Don't forget that they both r sonic fans, but back on topic now.

24th November 2009 09:11

whoa, amazing, how do u know Ashura doesn't have them. Not that it matters anyway. No offense to any...

24th November 2009 09:11

I say forget about making a story oriented mod, release a mpa pack like the tie facility, or at leas...

23rd November 2009 22:11

I'll whip somethin up in a sec

5th December 2009 04:12

If wector's not busy, you could try to get him to help, as shown by movie duels, he's good at total...

22nd November 2009 05:11

my idea is to edit the menu so when you push the button for force push it does all that.

21st November 2009 20:11

I've noticed that several maps seem to be in construction and yet none are finshed. If you all focus...

21st November 2009 20:11

I think I can finally get my new force push effect working and maybe use that idea of Ashura's reset...

21st November 2009 20:11

Thanks for all the help guys! I'll play around with this, see what I can do.

21st November 2009 20:11

Can anyone tell me exactly what everything in animevents does and how to use it? For example does ev...

21st November 2009 11:11

This could have gone in the original topic, don't just make new threads that are unnecessary.

21st November 2009 11:11

I already have, its fine.

21st November 2009 10:11

I mean like I was gonna have it so every now and then he grabs his saber and starts tossing it up an...

21st November 2009 10:11