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Hey, I have a Netgear MR814v2 router which is hooked into my cable modem box, and I can have my XBo...

21st November 2004 09:11

Hi, my name is Kegan and I live in Alaska. I enjoy doing website development stuff and Photoshop st...

21st November 2004 10:11

Hahaha it's fun launching cars into the air and running under them, very nice jedi :) BTW you used...

21st November 2004 10:11

Well I heard that it was supposed to be updated with new skins and stuff when HL2 came out... but yo...

21st November 2004 11:11

Nice logos for some of your first ones.. I would really recommend borders for them though.

21st November 2004 12:11

Cool, I am living in Juneau right now and lived here all my life except I had lived in Sitka for abo...

21st November 2004 20:11

The single player A.I? so like they ppl don't move at all or what?

21st November 2004 20:11

I can't belive they call it not a beta when it says it right in the console lol. I mean I had played...

21st November 2004 20:11

How could he of made a HL2 muliplayer mod when Hl2 dosen't have mulitplayer yet?

21st November 2004 20:11

Yeah man this sounds pretty sweet, I will definitly play it.

24th November 2004 23:11