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I started think about making a episode 3 mod for JA since the game wont be on pc. anyone wanting to...

15th March 2005 13:03

Then don't add them :D. I've never tryed it tho lol

8th February 2006 05:02

I want to see flyable planes LOL :D.

10th February 2006 05:02

If that doesn't work get a english version :D.

9th February 2006 05:02

Change the color of the links lol can't see :D.

9th February 2006 05:02

I know a dev but he not aloud to tell me anything :'(.

8th February 2006 14:02

LOL its all crap :D.

8th February 2006 13:02

Hope its SP :D.

4th February 2006 11:02

Or let you sleep 24/7 :D.

4th February 2006 10:02

Hmmmm so EA publishing it.

3rd February 2006 15:02

Hmmmm did u do a restart after installing?.

3rd February 2006 13:02

Hmmm not that i know off :D Are you a freak?.

3rd February 2006 13:02

The question is if its worth it how long could this go on :D.

3rd February 2006 13:02

Yeah like those monsters LOL :D.

3rd February 2006 13:02

F.E.A.R :D. You'll wet ya pants LOL.

3rd February 2006 13:02

I think anakin best hero :D.

10th February 2006 06:02

LOL man thats alot :D.

19th February 2006 10:02

A sniper rife into a kids game :D.

5th March 2006 10:03

Bids starting at $1 :D.

13th March 2006 14:03

Well i think its my best so far what do you guys think :D.:deal: :beer:

13th March 2006 14:03

yeah............this is wrong section or your lieing.

9th March 2006 13:03

This games going to suck cause the art of the jaffa they have look like zombies :D.

5th March 2006 10:03

I want to meet barney LOL j/k :D.

5th March 2006 09:03

I want to see a pacific theater for a CoD game.

5th March 2006 09:03

It could be a animal too lol :D.

28th February 2006 05:02