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What?! How could you leave Tribes 2 off that list!

11th December 2000 09:12

I think that'd be great. I hate having to reset everything every time I play.

13th December 2000 07:12

As I said, bring back the Creator. He could have all the original civilized people before the Demon...

23rd December 2000 04:12

I think the Creator should come back and whoops ass.

22nd December 2000 20:12

Flying might be a cool option for an expansion...

13th December 2000 08:12

I don't think rushing is that effective in Sac compared to other games like Starcraft or Total Annih...

13th December 2000 08:12

Oh. Well I guess I'll go finish the game

13th December 2000 08:12

What credits map?

13th December 2000 07:12

Does anyone else besides me want a command so you can hold shift and then click on a unit to build,...

13th December 2000 07:12

LoL. Yup, thats probably the only way to do it.

13th December 2000 07:12

The game has been out a month, maybe you should actually play the game instead of asking for a new o...

12th December 2000 04:12

Originally posted by Fess: Resistance to certain damage types Increased mana pool Those would be g...

13th December 2000 06:12

Decoy wizards would be really cool. And how about an Apprentice who is like a wizard that can only c...

13th December 2000 04:12

Wow, I didn't know that. Thanks!

13th December 2000 04:12

Ah well, I guess I'll just keep playing and see what happens.

12th December 2000 10:12

What are you talking about? I was just asking everyone that when playing solo and making your custo...

12th December 2000 08:12

Character editor? Wha? On the lines of editing, is it possible to make your own units? Now how cool...

12th December 2000 08:12

Well I seem to have a delima. I played a mission for Percy to get the Rainbow spell and got a messag...

12th December 2000 08:12

Which do you prefer, a strong spellbook, or a strong choice of units?

12th December 2000 07:12


28th March 2001 09:03