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no sorry, my mate does, I will try and get hold of him for you! :D

3rd March 2006 04:03

F.E.A.R scares the s**t out of me! But most 1sr person shooters are scary, i,e. FarCry, HL2 Etc :D

3rd March 2006 04:03

ok mate thanks for the info ;)

3rd March 2006 04:03

Does anyone know if there are goin to be any in the near future? :D please let me know!!!!! Thanks...

3rd March 2006 04:03

My dad may be concidering one of these cards, and the speeds etc look quite good, he is used to a 62...

3rd March 2006 04:03

ok mate thanks for the link :D

2nd March 2006 23:03

C38368CMoy's a good place to start. Tangent used to sell MINT breadboards, but they seem to have bee...

2nd March 2006 15:03

cool, nice one :D They are fab ;) are they available in green (i think someone already asked)....???...

2nd March 2006 06:03

blacklightningA Lion, a bear and a chicken all meet up... "I'm so fierce," says the Lion, "all I ha...

2nd March 2006 05:03

USMA2010Raas, speaking of signaures, your is far too large. Just delete it and make one about one ha...

2nd March 2006 05:03

hmmmmm, tricky one, try and change your sig etc ??? I am not really sure whats going on there, but I...

2nd March 2006 02:03

PethegreatDang, your in euroupe and I am in the US. The company is www.partsexpress.com and they sel...

2nd March 2006 00:03

much cheaper way of doing it, and its fairly easy ;)

1st March 2006 05:03

ok i will

1st March 2006 03:03

Welcome to the party :D:D:D have fun and stay safe! ;)

28th February 2006 23:02

If the code is incorrect in any way it wont work, as Mr. Matt said make sure its all correct and you...

28th February 2006 23:02

WOOOT... big thread! :P love it ;) :D

6th July 2006 14:07