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HI every1 im new and im just wondering where all the sound files for the game are kept like the voic...

15th December 2005 07:12

My overall thoughts of the game are good, but i don't like the story line. Don't get me wrong, they'...

28th March 2007 23:03

End all proccess that you don't need, and leave your computer running but dont open up anything.

31st March 2007 07:03

God can't you people use spoilers

31st March 2007 02:03

So your blind and one handed?

29th March 2007 23:03

What about the avatar what nobody can take their eyes off?

29th March 2007 23:03

Chrome sucks

29th March 2007 23:03

7/10 don't really like spacey stuff

29th March 2007 23:03


29th March 2007 22:03

m3sSh3aD;3600348(ESPECIALLY EA SCUM BAGS!!!) Their not, they have produced battlefield 2, and Comma...

29th March 2007 21:03

9/10 like the cloud affect

28th March 2007 23:03

RedSand;3598901 a poo poo bum bum head! ...and you are of what age?

31st March 2007 08:03

Half of your posts don't make sense.

27th March 2007 23:03


27th March 2007 22:03

I find it hard to consider america as a super power. Seeming 0.3% of the population are Under Overwi...

27th March 2007 21:03

A: For camoflauge Q: Is CP3O gay?

26th March 2007 23:03

Who actually likes it, and thinks it sounds good or whatever.:confused:

26th March 2007 23:03

In one of the videos i posted, the guy asked how many sides does a triangle have, and the person in...

26th March 2007 23:03

Vinegarmoon;3596299I just think its weird because I thought the Brits where cool with US I can't thi...

26th March 2007 23:03

Are you american? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x0Ocleo3YWg JC!. I've never seen that film of him...

26th March 2007 22:03

Vinegarmoon;3596273Thats not a nice video! elaborate please

26th March 2007 22:03

Indeed i don't like the whole story either. But now i have CNC3 :D

31st March 2007 08:03

microhxo;3603592WOA WOA WOA, you can never diss hl2, the story line was like a perfect novel, it hel...

31st March 2007 08:03

Canadians are all right, but i would like the punch the kid singing that.

26th March 2007 22:03

Milo;3608227Ha, well, my local games shop was sold out of both, with CNC3 making more sales, and S.T...

2nd April 2007 17:04