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I mean... maybe?

1st April 2021 21:04

You should pop into the Discord, we have a music channel where you can share some of your favorites....

22nd March 2021 12:03

Zephyr, why you be this way?

31st January 2021 15:01

I've been pretty lucky to not have really any bad restaurant experiences, at least that I can recall...

30th January 2021 01:01

I'd like to point out that when I killed Adrian it was to test his respawn point had properly update...

27th January 2021 16:01

Who are you?

26th January 2021 02:01


25th December 2020 09:12

Nope. We've decided to not really do gifts this year either.

17th December 2020 15:12

As we get ever closer to the release of Cyberpunk 2077, one week as of the time of writing, we are l...

2nd December 2020 07:12

I really hope I manage to get a 3080 before this game comes out but I'm really starting to doubt tha...

17th October 2020 05:10

Monday/Tuesday: 8:30 - 11:00 pm EST (00:30 - 03:00 GMT, Tuesday/Wednesday cuz timezones!) Wednesday...

6th September 2020 12:09

I need to see 1917 as I want to see how they did the one shot effect. I haven't been watching a l...

6th September 2020 12:09

Yeah, was watching this earlier. It's hilarious.

6th September 2020 12:09

PCIe 3.0 will probably not cause any issues except at possibly very high resolutions.

4th September 2020 17:09

I'm buying either a 3080 or a 3090, haven't decided yet. Finally time to replace my 1080Ti. FileT...

4th September 2020 07:09


8th August 2020 07:08

I bug you for forty god damn years on STEAM to jump in the Discord and you randomly show up on the f...

1st August 2020 16:08

What is a forum?

30th July 2020 09:07

Posted by MikeyCommunity Menu > Discord Server @belthagor You know these instructions are too co...

18th July 2020 19:07


18th July 2020 13:07

Zephyr, ban

17th July 2020 09:07

The Discord is a lot faster to get responses and offers real time communication.  Sadly forums an...

10th July 2020 18:07

Welcome!  We're always on our Discord so if you want to hang out that's the place to be these day...

19th June 2020 13:06

3rd May 2020 06:05


3rd May 2020 06:05