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Back when I still had a paid TV services I thought about starting to watch this show as it looked in...

12th October 2019 00:10

I'm a big fan of food I don't have to cook myself.

8th October 2019 18:10

A ghost!

30th September 2019 00:09

So saw this pop up on Reddit. Looks like Red Dead Redemption II was classified in Australia as a...

24th September 2019 15:09

Have you looked at the options on ? They have some decent build guides there.

23rd August 2019 18:08

EVGA 1080 Ti FTW3. Still doing well.

17th August 2019 21:08

17th August 2019 21:08

Why Zephyr, why?

7th August 2019 23:08

It would mean I'd have to buy it and I cannot justify that.

20th July 2019 17:07

New hardware is always fun. I never really messed around with laptops all that much as I've alway...

20th July 2019 14:07

Services like Google Drive, Drop Box, OneDrive let you share files securely and with a passcode. Sam...

19th July 2019 02:07

14th July 2019 20:07

Does it happen with a different gamepad entirely?

9th July 2019 17:07

27th June 2019 15:06

The main problem with USB right now is not the speeds, the connector or the use cases, it's the bats...

26th June 2019 19:06

I agree it is one of the best TV shows I've seen but I disagree 100% on the accents. I am perfectly...

26th June 2019 19:06


26th June 2019 17:06

To this day I still don't like setting up things like Doctor's appointments. There is always a smal...

26th June 2019 17:06

I think a lot of devs don't want to face the "Downgrade" backlash so going CGI and trailers avoids t...

16th June 2019 18:06

This years PC Gaming Show brought the goods and showed off over 30 games, ranging from indie to AAA...

10th June 2019 22:06

Missed the Bethesda E3 conference this year? Grab all the details below! The Elder Scrolls: Blade...

11th June 2019 02:06

Mikey killed Discord Zephyr so all we have is Forum Zephyr.

28th May 2019 16:05

Might be time for a new printer. If alignment isn't working, means something is wrong. Does the p...

26th May 2019 15:05

You can also check to see if a firmware update was released for the router that patched the vulnerab...

24th May 2019 17:05

What is the model of the router?

24th May 2019 03:05