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Welcome!  We're always on our Discord so if you want to hang out that's the place to be these day...

19th June 2020 21:06

3rd May 2020 14:05


3rd May 2020 14:05

Is there anybody out there?

2nd May 2020 15:05

Silby is on Discord.

27th April 2020 18:04

Mikey, why is your bot wanting to see peoples genitalia?

27th April 2020 00:04


25th April 2020 21:04

Zephyr, I think they want me to ban them.

25th April 2020 21:04

I dunno, innit @FileTrekker ⁠ 

25th April 2020 17:04

I recall a very large Hasselhoff thread but I don't think it was bigger than this one.

14th April 2020 17:04

We had the best spam.

14th April 2020 17:04

Welcome! I've not tried Subnautica but I've heard good things about it.

29th March 2020 14:03

Learn2embed images scrub

7th March 2020 14:03

Here is an updated picture as my desk gets more and more stuff on it.

22nd February 2020 20:02

Miki u not friend n e mor.

12th February 2020 19:02


12th February 2020 14:02

I really hate selective gravity and the over exaggerated kick to weapons/getting shot.

9th February 2020 23:02


9th February 2020 00:02

I agree with Sage. It's a good "back up" browser but FireFox will still be my main.

7th February 2020 15:02


7th February 2020 15:02

Posted by FileTrekkerThe main benefits of Edge over other Chromium browsers are the smoother font re...

19th January 2020 23:01

Downloaded it but don't really see any reason to use it over FireFox.

17th January 2020 17:01

Not really. Advances in tech that will be relevant to us in 3 years. MiniLED is getting easier...

13th January 2020 00:01

They've just announced Season 2 and Season 1 isn't even out yet.

12th January 2020 21:01

Zephyr plz

12th January 2020 17:01