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Posted by Nittany TigerPosted by RadioactiveLobsterTestDid you get the results yet? They've come...

15th January 2019 21:01

Nice to see this coming to games where it makes sense.

15th January 2019 17:01

Who is this spamming up my test thread?

13th January 2019 17:01

This sounds like something with NKey roll over. If it can't support sending multiple commands at...

8th January 2019 16:01

Hello old timer!

5th January 2019 13:01

Starfield is possible for late 2019 but I honestly think it's 2020. Elder Scrolls VI is 2021/2022...

2nd January 2019 15:01

Posted by MikeyYou forgot to mention Cyberpunk 2077! A 2020 game for sure.

2nd January 2019 00:01


30th November -0001 00:11

So 2019 is now upon us and it is time to take a look forward at a few of the games I am most interes...

1st January 2019 19:01

Zephyr will slowly take over all websites on the Internet.

1st January 2019 15:01

The new season of The Grand Tour starts later this month and I'm looking forward to that. Beyond th...

1st January 2019 15:01

I means you owe us several years of VIP Membership Fees. You can send the check to me directly.

1st January 2019 15:01

We are reaching levels of stupidity that 20 years ago were not thought possible to reach.

1st January 2019 14:01


1st January 2019 14:01

I drank some rum and went to bed at 11pm, but idiots with Fireworks kept me from falling asleep, the...

1st January 2019 14:01

If they were trying to entice me to go back to GTA online, this isn't going to do it.  You can ba...

30th December 2018 21:12

It's from the vaping.

30th December 2018 21:12

This looks amazing.

4th December 2018 04:12

If you scroll down the snow stops.

3rd December 2018 15:12

This is Zephyr's fault.

2nd December 2018 03:12

Depends on your definition of "good". The National Treasure movies are an entertaining watch but...

27th November 2018 20:11

It depends on what you consider "horrible" and the context. When we were in Valdez, Alaska, one o...

3rd November 2018 15:11

It fully depends on how much I'd won. Less than 1 million? Not much would change. You couldn't li...

3rd November 2018 15:11

They were mainly restored as an archive of the old forums. There was even an idea of making them rea...

1st November 2018 21:11

Bacon is my favorite food group.

24th October 2018 00:10