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hey, im not a very skilled mapper/skinner (but i know some basic shit). but i am very good with phot...

10th January 2005 03:01

thanks mon, but id like to slightly change my request. If thats ok. contact me on AIM, Darth Dweezel

25th February 2005 21:02

thanks mon.

26th February 2005 05:02

stumbled upon this, figured id just make it longer. stumbled upon this, figured id just make it lon...

26th February 2005 06:02

i do, but i havent been on much the last few days. Had a big project for school im working on. so if...

27th February 2005 03:02

i guess nobody is willing to try this.

2nd February 2005 04:02

SHIT, this is for Outcast? fuck. i found the link of jk3files.com so i thought it was academy. is it...

10th January 2005 03:01

Hi, im Ragnarok. I am learning how to skin, and I have attempted this skin a few times, but all to f...

28th January 2005 00:01

ok, good. i wanna help. i mean, i used to play outcast but i havnt in a LONG time. and i play academ...

10th January 2005 04:01

you guys can just call me Ragnarok. The 2 was added cuz Ragnarok was taken

10th January 2005 10:01

yeah i saw that movie, sure ill attach some of my work once i figure out how too. and if you dont li...

11th January 2005 06:01

need help skinning. I really wanna learn but im havin trouble. What tools do i need? and is there an...

12th January 2005 09:01

thanks, ill try that shit. i got photo shop

14th January 2005 09:01

THANK YOU for that info. and no i will not reskin the reborn model.

17th January 2005 21:01

sorry i disappeared guys. I was on vacation. Im back and ready for action. Any assignments?

23rd January 2005 05:01

Workin on some basic skins, anybody out there willing to take a look at them and gimme feedback?

23rd January 2005 05:01

i still need an assignment, photoshop, scripts? anything i can do?

25th January 2005 11:01

i posted my skills a while ago, then whent on vacation. If you go back 2-3 pages you should find the...

25th January 2005 21:01

photoshop the main menu, sure i can do that. ill get right on it. And i will post some of my work as...

27th January 2005 02:01

thats not a model, its a picture, I would like a model/skin made from that

28th January 2005 04:01

yeah that pic sucks i posted. I just got a random pic. lemme see if i can get rid of it and spare t...

2nd February 2005 04:02

that is awesome, i havnt played a real FFA in so long. While i think JA+ has its usest, i do like to...

28th January 2005 04:01

ill help. Im learining skinning/mapping, and i know photoshop. and i can write scripts. Ill also bet...

28th January 2005 06:01

modder, i just found a guy today who can mod, ill either get him on board for the mod, or ill get hi...

28th January 2005 11:01

he dosent belong to the forums. But i know him from in the game, and can contact him. Ill talk to hi...

29th January 2005 04:01
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