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Sorry, dunno how. Gaybriel... whut kinda name is that?! :moon:

11th October 2004 17:10

A greater impossibility:

18th November 2008 07:11

Anonymous_Gamer;4686925Their ingame player models look weird :Puzzled: (their heads are too big, han...

20th November 2008 05:11

Eat Uranium;4686588What do you mean? A squad with each member in a different tank or a squad with t...

20th November 2008 05:11

Flippy Warbear;4686848And getting hosed by the lafette while wading through flooded fields. "Danke...

20th November 2008 05:11

Just out of curiosity, is the source code for the toolbox available somewhere?

20th November 2008 04:11

Oh chin up. You think Monty or Rommel couldn't handle a paltry dozen tin cans? Seriously 'though -...

19th November 2008 23:11

Because it means the same thing in that country's primary language?

19th November 2008 20:11

.Invictus.;4685240"Decembre 1944, Bastogne. Four 101st Airborne soldiers rest beneath a pile of bric...

19th November 2008 19:11

Lobo;4686029It doesn't work that way, Alakazou. The NCO can take that class because he is the squad...

19th November 2008 18:11

You can see the operation of all in the Task Manager. But, AFAIR, BF2 does not benefit directly fro...

19th November 2008 02:11

They both certainly seem to be enjoying it.

18th November 2008 22:11

'[130pz.Kading;4684841']i dont know much, but if you can make grenades bounce and they also kill peo...

18th November 2008 20:11

JSG: in the second paragraph you're arguing that Osama is Muslim. Four sentences later, you suggest...

18th November 2008 20:11

Natty: infantry and vehicle-mounted flamethrowers were used in multiple theaters outside the Pacific...

18th November 2008 05:11

'Tis an interesting question.

20th November 2008 06:11

This was already discussed before. There are some BF2 mods implementing various sorts of flamethrowe...

17th November 2008 07:11

Heh, looks like someone is shooting himself in the foot.

16th November 2008 19:11

ctz;4681779The Piper is a funny thing; you fly it from the passenger seat if flying solo to make it...

16th November 2008 06:11

Two things I've noticed today: -the seats in the Piper are inverted - the observer seat is the pilot...

16th November 2008 01:11

Ah, that indeed you did :).

14th November 2008 21:11

It's the Moties!

14th November 2008 20:11

I'm surprised no one mentioned WWII Online at this point.

14th November 2008 20:11

boller;4679716Well of course, the germans are widely known for treating every enemy soldier with a l...

14th November 2008 08:11

Churchill Croc had a maximum range of 100 m IIRC.

11th November 2008 18:11