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19th July 2008 10:07

Check out my gallery there are a few COD4 sigs there and if you like I can add text for you. If you...

12th June 2008 09:06

Didn't make any changes that I can remember, I did make changes to BF42/fh42 so I could play on PFC,...

24th June 2008 10:06

Is this the one?

12th June 2008 10:06

Here's my go at it:

14th June 2008 09:06

made one for you a few weeks ago, this one will be the last for awhile:

16th June 2008 00:06

thanks bro

19th June 2008 08:06

Courious since I finally bought a new computer to play FH2 and now I find myself not able to play FH...

20th June 2008 19:06

I keep getting PB kicks stating "abnormality". Tried everything that I've read, but not working. I...

21st June 2008 11:06

garcia, thanks for all your input... so far on PF it's working, now if we could get the other serv...

24th June 2008 04:06

I'm doing/done all that... I've been playing for a week now then all of a sudden the crashes. gues...

24th June 2008 19:06

mightyred;4422756Hey, thats a cool sig. Is their any chance I could have the same, but with Mighty-R...

19th July 2008 09:07

First, I got a new computer about 2wks ago, it has vista64, and installed BF2 & FH2 mod. Made n...

25th June 2008 10:06

look some that I've already made. You can have one of those or supply a pic and I or someone else w...

29th June 2008 01:06

30th June 2008 01:06

Just got back into town and will see what I can do

7th July 2008 06:07

7th July 2008 09:07

I prefer Paintshop Pro. I use PSP9

19th July 2008 07:07

19th July 2008 09:07

no, I'd have to remake it since I don't save them. The chances of me remaking it to look like it is...

19th July 2008 09:07

dropped by to say hello while downloading and update for FH. So who all is still around? Fun times...

15th July 2012 19:07