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crisissuit3;4564015 for some reason, anybody i get into intresting discussions with or consider a fi...

9th September 2008 11:09

I had a dream i was playing tetris. Sometimes i swear im retarded. ¬_¬

24th November 2008 10:11

There is no god.

22nd November 2008 22:11

Year 12 Formal dinner last night Me lol Spoiler: Show Our ride, Mustang, thats all im sure of lo...

22nd November 2008 11:11

Formal suit hire - $150 AUS I look pretty spiff. lol

20th November 2008 15:11

"Dear parents, friends, teachers and students of Aquinas College, you've all just lost the game..."...

20th November 2008 15:11

Iv seen my dream girl, i talk to her all the time. Iv told her how i feel about her etc etc. The s...

20th November 2008 13:11

I dreamt that i was waiting in this HUUUUUGE line for some World of WarCraft game. for like, hours....

20th November 2008 13:11

Here's mine Just a pictuer of some Aussie troops in the Pacific somewhere during WW2. Not sure of...

20th November 2008 13:11

Admiral Donutz;4686362 You people don't right kangaroos or just not around the operah house in Sidne...

19th November 2008 21:11

Hope you enjoy our beautiful country Donutz! If your heading Queensland, Brisbane area, hit me up :...

19th November 2008 09:11

about 4 or 5 750ml bottles a day. keep it on my desk, refills and such

18th November 2008 20:11

Me totally being sober and everthing.... ¬_¬ Spoiler: Show

31st October 2008 13:10

Im thinking of joing the Australian Army myself next year. Something interisting to do after i finis...

18th November 2008 20:11

For teenages in year 12 all over Australia, today (or the next couple of days) will be the last day...

6th November 2008 14:11

PC > Mac always have, always will. imo

6th November 2008 14:11

Commissar MercZ;4664368Well, if you want something very, very odd demonstrating how sports can becom...

5th November 2008 13:11

Serio;4661912There's no Halloween in Denmark. Another reason why I love Denmark.

5th November 2008 13:11

For some reason, you remind me of Edward Norton >_>

2nd November 2008 13:11

Oh Lawd! Spoiler: Show Me again, friends 18th. You know, us being sober and all. (im the guy o...

2nd November 2008 10:11

Whos nail'n Palin?

2nd November 2008 09:11

Olive Acrylic paint 3 meters of 1/2 inch olive webbing Some of those snap lock thingys. dont know wh...

2nd November 2008 09:11

I live in Australia. So i just yelled at little kids who came to my door ^_^

2nd November 2008 09:11

One pair of issue Australian Army combat pants (2002 pattern) $100 AUS D:

9th September 2008 11:09

invisible jacket is invisible.

8th September 2008 12:09