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That Aviat chick from the Knights of the Nine quest, she just keeps following me, everywhere. Iv tr...

26th November 2008 19:11

She broke up with me after 8 months via text message, for no particular reason. I saw her two days...

27th May 2008 11:05

But her mothers like...40 *shudders*

10th June 2008 06:06

I told you, im working on it.

10th June 2008 03:06

Saturday = Friends party + Alcohol Saturday night = Bit of a blur other then chilling wi...

9th June 2008 17:06

Apparently she is moving back to Russia. I must act quickly!

2nd June 2008 14:06

Her sister is proving rather difficult, this may take a while. But i shall keep you posted.

30th May 2008 21:05

rookiebombtech;4360876 you can have 100 man points if you do it I accept your challange =P

28th May 2008 16:05

Revenge;4359583Spread rumours that she's a dirty pirate hooker. It's the one true revenge guys can g...

27th May 2008 17:05

Yeah, her and her sister are pretty much best friends. Shes pretty easy too. Well, iv got my goal,...

27th May 2008 14:05

SpaZy;4359526Spoiler: Show ask her for a last night of passion, and violently bang her in the bum so...

27th May 2008 13:05

Red Menace;4359494Just tell everyone you dumped her and go after one of her friends. I was begini...

27th May 2008 12:05

And in the end, they all had a good laugh!

23rd May 2008 16:05

Dont know if iv posted these before, but eh, whats the harm? =P Spoiler: Show Bowler hats &...

16th June 2008 16:06

Why a group of people stand in the middle of a really busy walkway blocking the whole thing up, and...

22nd May 2008 13:05

Like : It reminds me of a....well..ramikan =P dislike : everyone loves ramikan's!

20th May 2008 15:05

Ramikan is back, after a long leave of having no internet *gasp* so heres me. May edition Ramikan*...

20th May 2008 14:05

A Bowler Hat for $50 a black lether jacket $200 i feel pretty spiff

20th May 2008 11:05

Go Aussieland!

30th March 2008 14:03

At the end of this year I might be going to Poland, Germany, Austria and Finland with a friend. I h...

26th March 2008 15:03

(SeV);4274681 It amuses me that the person who started the White Pride day thread, and swore up and...

25th March 2008 18:03


25th March 2008 15:03

Does it really matter how you say it? i mean, if people KNOW what your talking about :\

25th March 2008 04:03

I am my own category of epic & win.

15th June 2008 14:06

Cheers ^_^ What about top hats? i was going to get one of those , but their like $150 AUS! =0

16th June 2008 17:06