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its a 1.9 runnin at 1600mhz. I would get another one but i dont ahve ne money

28th June 2005 04:06

I fixed it.... all i did was delete stuff off my hardrive. Almost 10 gig! Works perfect now

11th July 2005 02:07

{TG} is a clan for DC, and weve been up for about a month now and we have 13 members. We are a very...

19th August 2005 11:08

ur sig doesnt show

24th September 2003 09:09

no...thats someone different

7th September 2003 22:09

Well.. 1: u siad to make it 720x576 i did 2: u neva said u wanted pics and what not in it! To Reborn...

18th August 2003 08:08

i dont know HEHE u ghuys started to tlak about mods being with the bf1942 community til the end...so...

28th August 2003 06:08

try.. www.hostmysig.com u ahve to register but u can either have up to 10 sigs or up to 2.0 MB of pi...

23rd August 2003 09:08

its not down...not ne more. Came up about August 1st I have an account there!!!

25th August 2003 07:08

ok..make one then!!!! i would love to use it BTW...i have 3dmax 5 Make it as detailed as possible..a...

27th August 2003 09:08

DCM..who is the chic on ur sig? Her name? I tried askin em for my chics name but, no answer

27th August 2003 09:08


28th August 2003 04:08

My mod is still goin..but only about a month after hl is out or so, we will swicth to HL2...but we h...

28th August 2003 05:08

Ima gonna have to go with Denise Richards....dont know why but, shes got a nice ass, when theres no...

29th August 2003 07:08

i have a problem with the tutorial...at the part of cutting, i go to cut and it wither turns into a...

7th September 2003 10:09

u can host ur sigs at www.hostmysig.com But its down for now, so u have to go to www.myimgs.com same...

1st September 2003 22:09

no there not..i just went to www.myimgs.com and it workin.

2nd September 2003 02:09

when will the tutoril be done..u said give ya about an hour, its been about a week. Im not tryin to...

2nd September 2003 06:09

what did u type in google to get that?

2nd September 2003 09:09

i was just askin where u got the pic from.... Damn this world is messed up nowadayz, cant evebn ask...

4th September 2003 04:09

Yes..we all know about DOD being sucky, I was talkin bout www.hostmysig.com

4th September 2003 05:09

I have FLASH MX....but i dont feel like compressing such a big ass file, i wont be able to play my c...

5th September 2003 04:09

u need a plugin.... but i dont know where to ge tit or nuttin, i dont even have it, could sum1 pleas...

21st July 2003 11:07

Any others beside Fraps?

20th July 2003 08:07

I cant seem to get version 1.0.3 to work.Every time i try to install it, it gets to like 99% and say...

12th October 2002 08:10