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I sure hope it`s not another console W40k game.

11th March 2008 09:03

What are Obliterators? I see their armour resemble that of the Terminators. And what`s with that wea...

25th November 2007 18:11

Yeah, that`s the one. It seems they are still at it. Thanks a lot.

26th October 2007 14:10

Does anyone know what ever happened with the W40k mod? I know they were working on it and posted som...

25th October 2007 15:10

And this time I hope they`ll add more to the other factions than a single unit.

18th September 2007 20:09

Relic usually release their games around November. Not so far though. Surprisingly no official majou...

18th September 2007 15:09

The guys who did a Halo mod for Battlefield Vietnam got the same message from Microsoft and they cha...

17th September 2007 17:09

Chaos Space Marines. They have the numbers, they have the firepower and mellee too. Not to mention a...

31st August 2007 15:08

Make a screenshot and post it, that should clarify the meaning of "weird".

14th June 2007 17:06

Are going to do this only for Winter Assault and if so, what version will it require?!

21st December 2006 20:12

Aiur;3390437Edit: After a lot of researching and reading.. I extracted the SGA's files and converted...

19th December 2006 12:12

Hey guys, it`s me again. Ok, here is my plan: I want to start reading the entire Dark Library novels...

17th December 2006 22:12

Thanks guys!

14th December 2006 16:12

Can someone please tell me what "Adeptus Astartes" means? I know it`s latin and has something to do...

13th December 2006 16:12

Make 2 Space Marine Scout squads, gear`em up, make them invisible and when you engage the Tau in clo...

24th October 2006 14:10

For me, in the first place is Tau, in the second place are the Chaos SM with some Defilers to finish...

23rd October 2006 16:10

It could be your video driver, try to update/change it.

14th October 2006 08:10

An idea for the lose of limbs, how about if you loose too many you may choose to become a Dreadnough...

9th October 2006 11:10

Maybe we`ll see this in Dark Crusade or maybe in some of their patches. MAYBE!

4th October 2006 09:10

A Warhammer40k mod for Bf2. I know there is one under development for Bf2 and another small one done...

2nd July 2009 16:07