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I was wondering if anyone could make me a sig having to deal with D-day? maybe like a bloody pic of...

12th July 2003 13:07

Do you speak the English?

12th July 2005 07:07

I got the M95 :naughty: . It's pretty accurate, and will kill a guy with full health in two body sho...

10th July 2005 23:07

What version you using? Dunno if it anything has anything to do with your problem but the new patch,...

11th July 2005 04:07

Well heres what I do for jets, hopefully everyone knows this or I'm about to give away a big secret,...

11th July 2005 04:07

blow em up with c4(2 each) and then put claymores by em to prevent engis from fixin em

11th July 2005 05:07

Sell your house and car(or neighbors if you don't have one) and go buy a new comp like a Dell! :nod...

11th July 2005 05:07

ThePencilYes, ur right..I do that..was playing around and that works the best...still got 2 more to...

11th July 2005 08:07

besides that i want to be able to play music in vehicles and on foot! should have an "mp3 option" in...

11th July 2005 22:07

*spooky voice* You will die in seven days...unless you re-install BF2

13th July 2005 02:07

Still haven't fugured them out, but I click to fire, then instead of holding down I just click again...

9th July 2005 04:07

I didn't see a single one that wasn't true. This was frickin awesome. :thumbsup: :rofl:

13th July 2005 02:07

I don't think this guys 16

13th July 2005 04:07

:gpost: I can't think of a good story that happened to me so I'll tell you something cool. I was sni...

13th July 2005 22:07

You can stick it to your A$$ and blow it up also. :beer:

18th July 2005 10:07

Takes out SP, Onlinep play is better than normal. You can play with custom maps, skins,etc. (I think...

18th July 2005 22:07

Masturr City, Snipin the Bridges from a rooftop or Window is so much fun.

19th July 2005 02:07

I really hate most of the China maps too. Only Dalian plant is good. I despise Sonhua Stalemate.

19th July 2005 07:07

Wargeek, you're an ***, **** off. (and Co-op sucks too, *****) I'm sure some of the bars are sprin...

9th July 2005 05:07

I totally agree that SE means Shitty Edition :nodding: but until I get enuff saved up, I won't be ab...

9th July 2005 00:07

Get a ATI *Gets ready for the Nvidia Fanboys to flame me*

20th July 2005 03:07

Co-op,WTF?,play SP...We want CTF back!!! I'll petition to that :deal:

30th June 2005 02:06

Gamespy... :lol:

27th June 2005 07:06

...you're jk'ing right? 9900??????? omg :uhoh: well jsut made it too lance corporal and it looks l...

27th June 2005 16:06

You guys need to stfu and stop complaining, both BF1942 and BFV were bad when they came out, but af...

28th June 2005 08:06