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I got an RPM mod (0.5 i think it is) and when I adjust the setting s for my server (rcon password he...

21st August 2004 05:08

Hmm, about once every two days or so.

4th December 2005 21:12

Doom and Heretic. They look awesome to play when you use the Doomsday engine.

2nd May 2006 11:05

^ Yeah, I heard that was removed in the third installment. I'ma go rent it some day this week. :) Ba...

11th April 2006 08:04

Nintendo is working on a sequel to Mario 64 for the Revolution. It's called Super Mario Revolution.

30th March 2006 20:03

Killer7 and NARC.

5th February 2006 10:02

Hmm, there's Project Gotham Racing, Condemned ... and that's about it. Heh.

25th January 2006 09:01

* Close Combat: First to Fight * Hunter: The Reckoning Redeemer * The Warriors

23rd January 2006 08:01

Purchase an Xbox 360. There are some good games out for it.

19th January 2006 20:01

I advise the spammer guy to just... kill himself. :cya::nodding: Heh, $11 billion... that's freakin...

18th January 2006 12:01

So, GTA 4 is a PS3 exclusive, eh? Hah! :lol: That's what they said about Liberty City Stories. :roll...

18th January 2006 11:01

Banjo-Kazooie (N64) Heretic (PC) Mario Kart 64 (N64) Resident Evil 3: Nemesis (PS) Super Mario 64 (N...

9th December 2005 01:12

Check this out! Freakin' awesome! http://www.cooless.com/mkvssf2.html I'm sorry if this has alread...

4th December 2005 21:12

I love Resident Evil! One of the best series in gaming history!

4th December 2005 21:12

Welcome to Gaming Forums, man! Enjoy your stay! :D :)

4th December 2005 21:12

I don't give a damn about America or it's inhabitants! I'm sorry if I offended anyone, but that's ju...

8th August 2005 21:08

Welcome to Gaming Forums, man! Enjoy! :D

4th December 2005 21:12

Hi and welcome. :D

4th December 2005 21:12

Welcome to Gaming Forums. ;)

4th December 2005 21:12

Hi and welcome.

4th December 2005 21:12

FarCry: Instincts - Lost interest. Jak II - Couldn't get passed the "Whack-A-Mole" mission. Too f*c...

4th December 2005 21:12

Battlefield 1942, Close Combat: First To Fight, and Half-Life 2.

4th December 2005 21:12

Hmm, well, I put his face on your graphic. :) I was a big fan of Eddie's and was pretty shattered...

1st December 2005 08:12

Probably Super Mario 64 or Battlefield: 1942.

5th September 2005 09:09

Resident Evil - it's just pure fun.

5th September 2005 01:09
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