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Hey Ive noticed that my ping is staying in the 300-400 section. Im on 128k net speed and i live in...

11th December 2002 11:12

nah radio tower is sweet, they have done a good job considering they had to get the new game engine...

23rd March 2003 05:03

lmfao, where the hell is it then?

27th March 2003 14:03

azzkiker, the yeti wasnt found in mountain pass, it is inside the elevator in weapons cache SE

27th March 2003 13:03

reinstall, or download it. Something really big went wrong

26th March 2003 13:03

wow that sux! hard luck man, i just kept on trying and trying and i got it :)

24th March 2003 13:03

yeh, i just noticed that, if u get too close to the window u stand on the ladge :(

23rd March 2003 15:03

i dont really think the fog is much thicker? i get around 70-80 or more fps :)

23rd March 2003 14:03

after a few minutes searching i found it!!!!!!! go to http://www.militarysim.com/modules.php?name=Co...

23rd March 2003 13:03

wat tool did u use to open those??

23rd March 2003 08:03

yeh hornet thats because somebody connected onto the server 1second or so quiker than u

23rd March 2003 07:03

lol.....nice pics..... except for that last one:lol:

23rd March 2003 05:03

well.............. that didnt really seem to improve it much, only by about 4-5 fps. Probly depends...

23rd March 2003 05:03

yes 2, because otherwise u run the risk of missing more. Just try and and see how it works:) BTW how...

23rd March 2003 05:03

i think that the servers are only allowed to search your AA file, so i think most of the hackers are...

27th March 2003 16:03

oh sorry man, they must have taken it off :(

23rd March 2003 05:03

yes, this occaisionally happens, but its something that ull have to get used to :( just wait for a f...

22nd March 2003 13:03

go to www.militarysim.com , look for the beginners guide. That is a very usefull guide and helped me...

22nd March 2003 13:03

yeh, it is pretty hard. It took me a while, go to www.militarysim.com for a good beginners guide.

22nd March 2003 13:03

wow, what settings did u set urs to?????

22nd March 2003 10:03

yeh even wihout it being slippery its pretty dodgy, so i try to avoid now :)

22nd March 2003 09:03

yeh, kool idea deaners

22nd March 2003 08:03

wow, i would have thought u would get over 20fps outside:(

22nd March 2003 07:03

ouch that sux, i got about 80-90 outside and 100+ inside :) but thats cause my pc kikzazz:naughty:

22nd March 2003 07:03

weird, i am currently using the unofficial patch and everything is running sweet, i just use the in-...

22nd March 2003 06:03