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Dread pwns me!

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I tried that springsteen but it didnt work. Oh well seeing as ASE updated it this morning.

28th September 2003 04:09

Pacific assault is going to be a resource hog.

31st January 2004 10:01

Thats why i been playing bf1942 since it has punkbuster.

2nd February 2004 02:02

Why not play on realism servers like CKR? All weapons are balanced and its the best mod out there fo...

1st February 2004 19:02

I been playing bf1942 because it has punkbuster now:micro:

1st February 2004 15:02

Eastern front?

1st February 2004 07:02

You have to uninstall the whole game and reinstall .

1st February 2004 07:02

Looks like an icon of a computer?? I have no clue.

31st January 2004 18:01

You do know your getting banned right?

31st January 2004 18:01

Could care less about the sniper rifle. As long as they dont jmmy the M1 or tommy im happy with the...

31st January 2004 18:01

Its probably a virus or trojan anyway. Besides with an aimbot its pretty easy to spot while in spect...

31st January 2004 17:01

that does sound bad darwin. Well i spent my money well seeing as BF1942 has DC and Forgotten hope.

31st January 2004 07:01

Go to another server or another game that has punkbuster.

2nd February 2004 13:02

I would of bought that but i bought bf42 again. I miss playing desert combat and eve of destruction....

31st January 2004 06:01

I didnt get bt. I did buy bf1942 again since i loved it when i had the merciless creations mod runni...

31st January 2004 05:01

I have bf1942 but my 2nd disk is cracked in the middle and it wont install. Maybe i should just brea...

31st January 2004 04:01

I want to give cod a rest for now and was thinking of buying another WW2 based mp/sp game. Was think...

31st January 2004 04:01

Umm i already made a thread about this. http://www.gamingforums.com/showthread.php?s=&thread...

30th January 2004 18:01

Im reinstalling cod right now will let you know later. http://www.team-rez.com/forum/index.php?sh...

30th January 2004 17:01

I dont think ragnarock would type all that. So im 100% sure its the real deal holyfield.

30th January 2004 17:01

OMGROFLMAO! funny. What an idiot. /set fire 1. Oh shoot i put it into the open. Frickin hillarious!:...

28th January 2004 14:01

Me too. I could run a server with my computer but all i have is cable. I would need a very fast line...

28th January 2004 07:01

The sexton you mean? What i think is forgotten hope or Xww2 need to get a hold of this map and work...

2nd February 2004 09:02

Bf1942 won 6 awards from Computer gaming, gamespot, computer gaming magazines, ign.com, and gamespy'...

2nd February 2004 13:02

Its great on full auto. It has more of a deadly range then the K98. They were issued to german parat...

28th January 2004 02:01